Ready Face With Clean And Clear

February 8, 2016

Dusky or Fair? Just Smile with your “Ready Face”

Life is beautiful. Life is tough. And it is the toughest in the teenage years because then we do not know how to deal with it. Even as adults we do not. Yet in teenage i.e., this transitory phase from childhood to adulthood, we face some kind of issues which are unique only to this age. Like those related to our self perception, our identity, the societal norms and how we deal with them. In this post, we grapple with the idea of choosing between chasing a fair skin, or a ‘Clean and Clear’ natural skin irrespective of the skin shade. Here starts a journey to uncover our ‘Ready Face‘!


“How do I look”, we often ask one another without realising how demeaning that phrase is. I am not against looking good. Of course wearing an over sized furry jacket must be avoided on a sunny afternoon! I am more concerned about discarding any issues with one’s own skin! I dream of a face that oozes with confidence, without having to care about what others think. My #ReadyFace is free from the pressure of society’s expectations. A #ReadyFace is jubilant and optimistic to face all kinds of challenges that life has to offer.

Allen Solly kalapalette

As a product of our society, people of all ages, seem to be misguided about the idea of true beauty. Many still believe in the ridiculous idea that only fair is lovely! It is evident in matrimonial ads where people are claiming to have a fair skin tone, or demanding the same. It is palpable when at a family function an elderly relative comes to you and congratulates, with great satisfaction, that you look fairer today. And also, when elders advise children not to have tea and coffee lest they should turn darker, the entire logic seems insensible.


Nobody leaves any stone unturned to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. They make you question your own identity. And you also ask yourself if so many people are saying the same thing, could they be right. It often becomes a grand confidence buster if a person is unable to accept her skin.



Is having a fairer skin tone the true determinant of your capabilities? A roaring NO! It is high time we stopped obsessing with fair skin. Recall #ReadyFace chiming with selfworth.

Despite majority of Indians being dusky, I stand in a minority of those who say that ‘dark is beautiful’. I accept the way I am, and make efforts to take care of my skin by regular cleansing. I am in support of a Clean and Clear skin for all skin shades. Both dusky and fair complexioned skins are susceptible to dullness and pimples depending on the oil content. And everyone must have access to the right products to boost our #ReadyFace.


In teenage years, pimples, blemishes, and boils are of recurring nature. While I would still say these are a part of life and it is better not to feel low about it. But when these pimples burst, it hurts a lot. Moreover, pimples have an uncanny tendency to pop up on noticeable places like the centre of the forehead! So to be on a safer side I do take precautions to minimize these little spoilsports.


My skin experiences dullness caused by dust and air pollutants which bother me a lot. To counter that, I keep a pack of Clean & Clear Foaming face wash handy wherever I go. It helps me keep off unwanted oil from my skin for up to 8 hours. And no oil means no stickiness, no dirty dullness, and no pimples!


I love my natural skin, and I try to keep it smooth and shiny by having lots of water and using neutral products to maintain a healthy skin.

Clean And Clear detals

I trust C&C face wash which comes in an easy to carry bottle. It has a light lingering fragrance. It brings freshness to my face. I can use it in any season. The best part is that it drives out oil without over drying my skin. I invite my teenage-d friends to try C&C!


With this I uncover my Clean & Clear #ReadyFace. I am brimming with confidence, to face anything, come what may. I choose to brighten up my soul and not my skin shade. I am happy to be who I am regardless of what others say. The sole aim of my life is not to please others but to be at peace with my body and to live freely.


I prefer a healthy skin over a brighter skin. To sum up my thoughts I would love to share this short ad film for which you will be required to stand in front of a mirror! Time to relook at yourself. Get your #ReadyFace ! *wink*

Smile. Ok. Please.