Reason To Live Up The Adrenaline Rush – TATA Zest Experience

July 27, 2014
I remember the time when I first sat on a tricycle (for kids). The experience gave me, maybe, my first adrenaline rush. But what I wasn’t aware about was the #Speed that one gets to experience in their lives as they grow old. From the first scooter ride to the unreal aircraft ride, the andreline rush just keeps getting intense. And that feeling of flying, racing with the wind gets so intense that you crave for ‘some more’ moments.
As a child, I had seen my dad ride a fiat. Even if that meant sitting on the back seat, with no airconditioner or no music on, the ride was no less than a trip to the amusement park. I used to make excuses (get late for school) and plead my dad to give me a Fiat ride…. just to live up the experienc again.
Looking at him I used to look forward to turning 18, the legal age (in India) to ride a car. On my 18th birthday, I only wished to grab my dad’s car keys and enroll in a driving school. And I did! The first time I sat on the driver’s seat, that was the moment when I felt that I am no more a school kiddo. And that, I can finally be incharge of somethings in life.
But… the experience was not that I had expected. The clutch-break-accelerator experience was confusing and disappointing. Unwanted breakdowns, sudden breaks, a scratch-worth of accident and some more low points drew my driving experience to a complete hault. With a broken heart I stepped back and returned to the backseat drama.
A few days back I saw my social media feed buzzing with #ZestUpYourExperience. My cousin Ila (The Flea Market Queen) buzzed me asking if I’m gonna be a part of this experience. I quickly logged into my account and scanned through the offer in hand. Goa – Weekend – Zestful Experience. What else do you want? But, the experience was going to be about this new car by TATA on the block.
Tempting but confusing. What will a non-driver do in an event designed for those who drive on a daily basis (and some who have mastered the art of driving and reviewing the lot)! But hey, I do enjoy travelling in a car. And so, the enrollment – confirmation – BlogAdda Welcome (Thanks to Harish) happened.
As the mundane week drew towards the end, my heart anticipated in excitement as to what was in store for us. Packing my bags, I was ready for a zestful experience.

Day 1 was all about knowing the car technically. With a great insight on the making of this car with a detailed information about the features of this car, TATA experts not only educated us noobs about how fantastic making-a-car experience is, but even that passion with which they live up to serving the customers.
Not only that, but Narain Kartikeya was also present to give his first hand experience of the car and why one should give TATA Zest a chance to make driving experience more comfortable and worth a luxury moment.

 Highly impressed and magically driven towards experiencing the car first hand, we concluded the day with a beach walk, Zuri White Sand Hotel & Resort hospitality and some amazing moments with other fellow bloggers.

Day 2 was an early riser. Usually my Sundays are super lazy and unproductive. Which is why I was quite startled when the organizers invited us for a breakfast spread 7 in the morning. The waking up part was full of cribbing, but the moment I stepped out for the Zest experience, I knew why! I won’t deny being an absolute alien when it comes to the technicality of driving/knowing the car. But my Zestmates – Nirav Thakker & Sharon Dsouza were kind enough to give in their inputs so that I got to experience the drive verbally, while I enjoyed taking videos and clicking snaps of our beautiful trip.

If the Goa roads and the picturisque experience was not enough, the car of the moment was icing-cherry-cream-nuggets (call it anything) of the travel. Super smooth ride, great interiors, world class technology, ConnectNext media experience and comfortable leg space experience (a must for tall people like me) was just amazing.
One thing that I wasn’t expecting was a ‘zestful’ kick of trying out driving AGAIN! Why? Well because Tata has introduced two versions of Zest. One being the automatic + auto transmission mode that gives you the freedom of not caring about the clutch AND a hassle free gear experience.
Was I dreaming or what? Can driving get any easier than that? Checkout all the features of Zest that I’m talking about :
29 Reasons to Zest Up Your Life
DESIGN – Contemporary Style & Stunning Looks
1. First in segment striking projector headlamps with LED light guide rings.
2. First in segments LED Daytime Running Lights.
3. First in segment stunning signature LED tail lamps with wrap around looks.
4. The TATA signature grille with unique humanity line.
5. All new sporty 15′ alloy wheels.
6. A premium layered and dual-tone dashboard in Java Black & Latte.
COMFORT – Unabashed Luxury
7. Best in class fully automatic AC with controls on the touchscreen.
8. Best in class interior space.
9. New generation Tata signature steering wheel with integrated controls.
10. Dual-path independent front suspension with anti-roll bar.
11. ePAS with speed sensitivity and active return function.
CONNECTIVITY – Superior Infotainment
12. Exclusively designed 5′ Connectnext touchscreen infotainment by Harman.
13. Advanced voice command recognition.
14. SMS notification and read-outs.
15. Speed sensitive auto volume adjust.
16. Surround audio effect by 8 speakers.
17. Instant image viewer option on the touchscreen.
SAFETY – Advanced Safety Assurance
18. Advanced 9th gen ABS with EBO and Corner Stability Control.
19. Dual SRS airbags.
20. Ultrasonic rear park sensors with display on the touchscreen.
21. Speed sensing auto door locks.
PERFORMANCE – Unmatched Driving Pleasure
22. Powerful Revotron 1.2T, MPFi turbocharged petrol engine with best in class power of 90 PS.
23. First in segment multi-drive mode. SPORT, ECO, CITY.
24. Best in class contant torque delivery of 140 Nm between 1750-3500 RPM for smooth driving.
25. Common Rail Direct injection diesel engine with Variable Geometry Turbocharger.
26. 90 PS of pure power.
27. First in segment AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) in diesel.
28. Shift assist manual mode offers convenience of changing gear as per driver’s requirement.
29. Sport mode option in the Auto mode for sheer performance.
Goa roads, coconut trees, beach view, colorful vintage houses, white churches and the lovely weather (clouds – sun – rain) was exhilirating. Smooth ride on the untapped regions of South Goa was the experience of a lifetime! I was too tempted to give the ride my first shot, but was petrified of denting this blue beauty. But, nevertheless, I absolutely enjoyed sitting back and living up my life with this zestfull experience.
Because it has an option of going clutch & complicated gear system free. Not only that, but the butter like handling of the steering wheel makes the ride more comfortable. Automated system experience will give me more confident to ride with.
On top of that, the safety measures and hardcore make of the vehicle will give my parents an assurity that I’m safe!

I have had a job profile wherein travelling by your own car is a must. Not having a driver’s experience I always end up travelling either by public transport or the cab.
I’ve been wishing to save up some money and invest in a car… and maybe try learning driving again. Well, Zest is giving me a reason to save up some extra and live up my dream of ‘driving some day’…..someday.
Thank you TATA motors for giving me that confidence that ‘I can drive too’ with this amazing new concept that you brought to the Indian market.
Here’s to zest, hoping that I save up soon enough to buy my 1st car for the 1st solo andrenaline experience of driving a car.
Cheers on that! #ZESTUPYOURLIFE

Stay tuned as I will be uploading my experience on youtube with some more images soon. 😉

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