Satliva – Nature Nurtures Skincare Range

February 13, 2018

Adapting an organic way of lifestyle has become quite a trend in today’s times! And now that being Ayurvedic and Organic is not just limited to the Indian territory, local and international brands have started exploring herbal products ranging from foods to skincare on a large scale as well.

Based out of Bangalore, SATLIVA, is beyond being just a herbal skincare brand. Promoting the importance of Hemp Oil for the skin, their products are well researched on and come infused with the goodness of various herbal ingredients that are available across the country. To fight the bitter winter weather of Shimla, Satliva got on board as my skincare partners and I boy was I write about my decision!

Satliva Face Butter

Generally, the winter season on the hills is not just about the cold, but about getting super dehydrated skin as well. And when I say super dehydrated, then I mean no amount of face moisturiser can do good to hydrate the skin; forget bringing back the shine and suppleness.  I had requested Namrata and Harshaavardhan, the couple behind NHCO, to suggest me products that will help maintain hydration in my skin and won’t be a hassle to use during harsh Shimla winters as well!

The products that they sent across were not just a life savior, but definitely a blessing as I literally ended up relying on them to keep my skin from dehydrating for worse. And I kid you not, my girlfriends too ended up ditching their skincare cosmetic products to borrowing my Satliva kit to hydrate back their skin as well! The first thing that I liked about the products they sent across was their travel friendly packaging. Although the soap bars came in hardbound boxes, the creams and butters came in small tins which were leak proof, light and break-proof.

Sharing a brief on the products that I received, tried and concluded on :

Satliva Hair Cream with Rosemary Essential Oil

Spending 5 days in extreme winters of Shimla, my hair became frizzy and developed a very strong static charge which made managing my long manes quite difficult. Luckily, I had this hair cream by Satliva to the rescue. The speciality of this product is that it can be used in various ways. You can massage your head before a shower for it to work up its moisturising magic on the tresses. If your manes are not behaving like mine did in Shimla, you can dry off your wet hair and apply a very small amount of the hair cream onto your hair to set your hairdo.

Satliva Hair Cream

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil.

Claims: Restores dry and damaged hair. Mends chemically treated hair and makes the hair radiant and smooth. Moisturizes the scalp, makes hair manageable, strengthens hair follicles, minimises split-ends and stimulates hair growth.

Other factors – Cold-pressed, earthy fragrance and is freshly made on order.

My experience: Although the texture looks and feels quite thick in the tin, upon application the cream melts and spreads out on the hair quite smoothly. If you plan on using the product post shower, then I’ll suggest taking care of the portion you apply to your freshly dried hair, as it can get slightly greasy if applied in abundance or at warmer climates. In love with the fragrance of it and my hair became easy to manage and didn’t tangle up as quickly as it usually does.

Satliva Face Butter2

Satliva Mango Fresh Face Butter

Honestly, I have never tried face butter before. I mostly reply on moisturizers, but this time upon the suggestion of Satliva’s team, I took this tin of wonders along with me to the hills. Within a day of being in Shimla, my facial skin gave into the extreme dehydration, topped off with all the physical exertion we did walking all over the town. While my girlfriends were applying layers of moisturizers now and then, I only felt the need of apply the Face butter twice a day.

Satliva Body Butter

Ingredients: Mango Butter, Moringa, Hemp Oil, Lavender Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Beeswax and Tea Tree Oil

Claims: Softens, smoothens and hydrates the facial skin. The good of carrot seed oil protects the skin from harmful UV rays making it as effective as a sunscreen. Long usage clears blemishes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothens the itchy and dry skin while bringing back the supple texture to the skin.

My Experience: My skin felt fresh, supply, hydrated and radiant throughout my stay. I loved the fragrance of the Tea Tree Oil in the product. Although, upon application, the butter does leave behind oil on the face, I faced zero greasiness or any acne breakouts. If you plan on visiting a colder region, then I suggest you giving this face butter a try, because it’s indeed very good!

Satliva Hemp With Neroli Body Butter

Just like my face was in dire need of hydration much more than what a basic moisturiser can provide, my body too needed a rich source of hydration on an sos call in Shimla! This body butter, although came in a travel friendly tin box, it’s grainy consistency spread smoothly as the butter melted due to the body heat, providing wide coverage in small application.

Ingredients: Moringa Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Neroli Essential Oil

Claims: Improves skin’s elasticity, reduces wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Comes with the power of antioxidants offering radiance to the skin and works well on all skin types.

My Experience: I applied the body butter right after a hot shower so as to get maximum benefits of this product. While we speak of temperatures as low as -4 degrees, I generally felt the need of applying this body butter just once all throughout the day. My skin not only felt hydrated but nourished and shiny too. Thanks to this product, I didn’t end up hiding my dry patchy skin for shoots and otherwise.

Satliva Hemp with Shea Butter Body Soap Bar

For an extremely hydrated skin, you need an extra supplement of hydration other than the body butter for 100% results. The soap bar comes cutely packed in a cardboard box, lathers well and is quite hassle-free to use on a daily basis.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil

Claims: Rejuvenates the skin, removing dryness and de-clogging the pores. The skin feels fresh, toned and radiant.

My Experience: This soap bar with the goodness of Shea Butter did half of the job, not ripping my skin of its natural oils, while providing ample moisture even when I used really hot hard water to take showers in Shimla.

Satliva Hemp With Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

We all know how harsh shampoos are for our skin. The biggest challenge in making shampoos chemical free is that the cleansing process becomes tricky due to light lathering as compared to the detergent cleansing that a regular shampoo provides. This shampoo bar is well researched on as it not only provides the herbal aspect to the hair cleansing process, the lathering in soap provides clean yet hydrated hair as well!

Satliva Shampoo Bar

Ingredients: Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Palm Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil

Claims: Tames tangled frizzy hair. Reduces split ends while restoring natural oils and moisture in the hair.

My Experience: I was quite skeptic using a shampoo bar on my hair, as I’ve never tried that before. But upon the suggestion of Satliva’s expert team, I agreed to give it a try as well. The idea of carrying a soap bar instead of leaky shampoo and conditioner bottles in my luggage did feel like a great idea. Washing my long tresses with this shampoo bar was quite an easy affair as the soap lathered up quite easy, providing full cleansing coverage to my hair. Post shampoo, my hair didn’t feel dehydrated or lacking luster. The herbal shampoo bar also helped in easing out the static charge in my hair which was turning out to be hard to manage.

Satliva Soap Bar

Overall, I’m quite impressed with what Satliva has to offer. No wonder they cold-press their products upon order, maintaining the freshness of the product. I’ll highly recommend trying out their butter and cream series, while giving their soap bars a try for a more organic cleansing approach to the body. Not to forget that these herbal products are also contributing to keeping nature chemical free!