#SayThanks To The World with Hindustan Times

August 8, 2015

It’s not how hard we work that makes us a better person, it’s how much we give back to the people in our lives that defines our goodwill. ‘Thank You’ are two magical words that can bring a smile to any person’s face or can even make one forget stress of the whole day. Hindustan Times is a known media house of the country and now they are campaigning for the promotion of a positive lifestyle and a gesture to thank their loyal readers.

We strive to stay positive on a daily basis. The wish for the day is always to have a happy one, but the goal gets diluted in following up the mundane churn of life instead. It is said that your first few steps in the morning are responsible for setting up your mood for the day. For most of the people, their day begins with a cup of hot drink and the news feed from their local newspapers. Good and bad, the printed parchment volumes include news that moves us and shocks us. Agree, the life has become more complicated than ever, but it hasn’t become difficult to not put a smile on our faces.


“What you give the world is what you receive.” This age old quote of living up life and treating everyone nicely is indeed true! Small gestures of goodwill put in a long lasting impact on your positive being and of those around you. One such small gesture is saying ‘Thank you’ to the people whose lives are woven with yours. A simple thank you to the people who are a part of your daily life brings in a positive change for all.

#SayThanks to your Mom


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A mother’s love is unconditional. It’s like a special mother-child bond that lasts for the entire lifetime. From giving birth to you, nurturing you and looking after you; she expects nothing in return. To the person who is the reason why we are on this planet and have grown up to be a sincere human being, a simple ‘Thank you’ is important. Let her know how thankful you are to her, for keeping your life as happy and protected as she’s capable of providing. Say thanks to your mom for looking after you even when you have stood in front of her guilty for committing a mistake.

#SayThanks to your Dad


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He’s the one who supported when you took your first baby steps. He’s the one who has always been a protective cushion around you, protecting you from getting hurt, building you up strong and nurturing you to be independent someday. Say thank you to him for having your back.

#SayThanks to your Grandparents


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Grandparents are rich with wisdom and experience of a lifetime. They are the ones who teach us to be a noble being in this world. They are the ones who teach us to be thankful for a blessed life. Say thank you to them for helping you become responsible, for giving you a glimpse of the days gone by and being there as a guardian whenever you need one.

#SayThanks to your Maid

She’s the one responsible for keeping your abode clean. She’s the one who dusts of your house, does your laundry, cleans your spoiled utensils and swipes clean for a hygienic environment. Let her know that how thankful you are for keeping this place that you call home positive and livable.

#SayThanks to your Driver


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He reports to you in odd hours when you’ve to catch an early morning flight. He drives you through the traffic jammed roads, putting in his best for you to reach the destination on time. He is the one who drives you home after a party when all you care about is taking a nap. Say thank you to him for being there and letting you commute wherever you wish to, whenever you wish to.

#SayThanks to your Watchman


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He is the one who stays awake all night, so that you can have a sound sleep. He not only guards the boundaries of your abode, but also makes sure that no unwanted person gets to enter the premises without permission. Say thank you to him for protecting you 24/7 and let you live a worry-less life.

#SayThanks to your Local Sweeper


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Having a clean environment is not only limited to keeping your home clean, but it also consists of keeping your surroundings clean. While the maids take care of the house, it is the local designated sweepers who make sure that our foot paths and roads remain clean too. Say thank you to them since they play a major role in keeping you and your environment healthy.

#SayThanks to your Gardener


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Floral blossoms in the morning are a treat to watch! Although, we are never able to analyze the amount of time and efforts that have put into nurturing these plants and trees. It is important that we thank our gardener for keeping our environment clean and worth living in. Say thank you to your local gardener for looking after our mother nature.

Special Thanks to the NGOs

I, on a personal note, would like to thank all these NGOs who are committed to bring in a ray of hope for the abandoned and who seek help. Be it an NGO for women & welfare, NGO for senior citizens or a NGO to look after the stray animals; these organizations are the reasons that are responsible for supporting those who are left unheard to the world. A big THANK YOU!

Celebrating the power of thanking the people, Hindustan Times have come up with an initiative to thank their readers. Through the #SayThanks campaign, HT hopes to create an environment of social positivity and get people invested in a way that encourages them to acknowledge and thank the people who make a difference in their lives.

#SayThanks Campaign by Hindustan Times

Shrishti, a class 12th topper, wrote to HT with a wish to be featured in the newspaper so she could make her family proud. Her heartfelt wish made the team feel that the amazing young girl deserved a much bigger and better surprise.

To create an experience that would stay with her forever, HT not only created a personalized first page in the newspaper for her, they also arranged a grand helicopter ride for her to fly high above the city!

The entire story has been documented in a video in which team HT has tried to capture the emotional ride that Shrishti and her family took though this experience.  The video also serves as a take-off point in their desire to give back to HT readers and #SayThanks for their love and support, and for the part that they played in HT’s success.

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