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June 20, 2012
Who doesn’t like shopping? Well we all do. And in current times, it has become more merrier, as you can shop almost anything sitting in the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when you had to slave yourself up to go visit a shopping hub and “Search” for what you want.
This comfortable shopping experience has just got better with JABONG.COM
They have a huge variety of Shoes, Clothing, Sports, Bags, Jewellery, Accessories, Fragrances and Home & Living. They deal with major brands and have an ongoing Sale as well.
Can anyone ask for a better option? Brands, Varieties and SALE all under JABONG.COM
As buzz is all around ,I thought of doing a little COMFORT SHOPPING myself 😀
There are so many options to chose from. Well I was looking for a good face wash for myself, as Delhi dust and humidity keeps my facial skin dirty, greasy and acne prone. Grrr
Ofcourse there are many good face wash options to chose from. But I settled with something I didnt expect to find and buy either :p (You see the power of online shopping?)
Live Cell Cleanser Complete by Living Proof!
For the record, I ordered this product around 10:30 in the morning, before stepping out for my meetings. In the eve around 6 when I returned back home, my mom told me you have received a parcel. And I was like 😮 OMG!!
Their service is so super duper fast. Well maybe because they reside in the NCR, but still. I was absolutely impressed. Although I did receive around 4 calls throughout the day from various customer care executives of Jabong inquiring about my product, confirming my product, taking a survey and what not. Phew!
But oh well, the delivery was super fast 😀

The product says :
Beautiful skin begins with healthy cells. Living Proof products are scientifically created using formulations once exclusive to Europe’s beauty spa. Products feature ultra – active Phyto (Plant) embryonic cells proven to ‘kick – start’ cell growth and renewal. Bring back to your skin the radiance and beauty of growing years!

Well I was quite taken a back by the “Cell cleansing” approach by Living Proof so I had to buy this one. The consistency is semi-thick like a paste, just a small drop is enough to massage your whole face. Although I have just tried it 3-4 times till now, so cannot say much about it, till the bottle is half over, but I can guess that a good product like this won’t disappoint me.

Rest, I would like to congratulate for holding up such good collection as well, (other than those silly fairness wash screamers). But I would like to see more of accessories and apparel collection in future.

My take on
Service : Super Duper Fast 10/10
User friendly Website : Well classified and easy to search
Variety : Very good in all departments, except apparels and accessories
Customer Care : Humble
Will I buy something again? Of course!! Loved the super fast delivery!

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