June 5, 2017

When Beyonce asks you to put the BASS on, you obey her! The B-Queen knows what magic Bass note is capable of doing to any given song of any given genre. It’s like bringing the beats to life. SONY as a brand, being in the music industry for decades, surely knows the importance of this noise and that understanding has let to the production of one sheer piece of gadget indulgence – SONY MDR XB950B1 WIRELESS STEREO HEADSET WITH EXTRA BASS!




Yep, you heard it right. The headset is not only bluetooth enabled ‘wireless’, but it comes with a button for an extra pumped up dose of Bass. Now it’s hard to explain in words the huge impact bass makes to a song, but if I have to still scribble a line, then i’ll say it’s like letting EMINEM rap (Extra Bass) in a Beatles song. That’s the brilliance of the bass effect.

SONY Extra Bass_2

Speaking about the SONY MDR XB950B1 EXTRA BASS STEREO HEADSET, then I can say that I’ve finally found a gadget that gives me pure musical experience with easy handling and application features, surround sound effect (makes you feel like you’re listening to music live in concert), cuts down on the external noise and boosts the amplification of musical beats to their full potential; with ease.




I vouch for the fact that the design of this headset is definitely a magnet in the crowd, because I have seen many heads turn towards this black beauty, while I walk past the herd, lost in the music. The matt black colour of this headset is a big hit among men, but turns out that it equally pleases the girl parade as well!



Enhanced Battery life of SONY MDR XB950B1 is an added bonus for travellers like me, who prefer listening to some great music while staying put at travel stations, being a globetrotter. This bluetooth wireless headset is capable of playing non-stop music for straight 18 hours, with a 4 hour battery charging capability, letting you stay entertained throughout your course of the journey.




Keeping everything wireless, SONY MDR XB950B1 comes embedded with functional keys on the headset itself, letting the user stay handsfree for listening to music or even taking calls, if need be.



The power and bass effect buttons are available on the left cup with the Micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm input. The right cup includes volume and playback controls. For handsfree calls experience, the left cup has a built-in mic which is smoothly functional with hardly any dysfunction experience upon usage.



I definitely am grooving on the Extra Bass effect as of now, beginning my day with some old sheet music, settling for work with some Pop scores, moving towards the evening to a dance-worthy playlist of Bollywood tadka and concluding the night with some Sintra Jazz numbers. SONY MDR XB950B1 works like a charm for every song!

SONY Extra Bass_1

Price (MRP): Rs. 13,990

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Photographs by Archit Saxena for Kalapalette.