Ssence, The Suryaa Hotel Delhi {Food Review}

June 27, 2014
Normally showcases are those that are only meant for display. Look but don’t touch. However, if you happen to be dropping by the Ssence at the very lush The Suryaa hotel you are surely not to be disappointed.
Located in one of the best areas in Delhi, Ssence a Culinary Showcase is truly an extravagant experience offering a wide variety of cuisines which you can not only feast your eyes on but also pick and savor.


They have a variety of coolers, mocktails and cocktails to offer.

Even the ‘normal water’ gets a refreshing twist here.

An expected dilemma we faced in the beginning was where to start from. The Sunday Brunch celebrating Father’s Day had a horde of desserts to offer from tarts and donuts to blueberry cakes but later on that. I realized it is improper to start from the desserts so I rushed to the starters. 

 Kids Corner 

Mini treats for the kids

Candies, Popcorns, Muffins and Cookies.

While usually vegetarians are made to be disappointed, here it was not so with Vegetable Lasagna exuding with a crusty cheese layer on top and stuffed with mushrooms and veggies.. Next to it rested the pickle-like Mushroom Goulash and tossed colourful vegetables in Olive Oil. 

Going in the oven

South Indian Dosa Platter

 Chaat Counter

 Vegetarian Galouti Kababs

From herbs to homemade mustard sauces, nothing was left out from the menu. 

 Sizzlers Counter

Other notable dishes included the divinely soft Mango Crusted Fish with Avocado & Olive Salsa apart from Se Salt and Lemon Rubbed Chicken freshly prepared and exposed in the pan.I made it a point to try the sizzlers that ranged from shrimps to chicken, fish and pork.

The Salad Counter

 Maneuvering towards the cool salads in sync with a choice of seasoning like Hummus among others, I stopped to try the four raw cheese solids put on a side for our perusal. 

Cheese Counter

The Brie cheese seemed to be relative of the Pizza cheese, the Plain cheese (the one that Jerry used to be after in hiding from Tom) was surprisingly bitter.  Cheddar rocked for me.
Tomato Soup in an edible bowl

Being a great fan of soups I moved on to find out bread bowls that were waiting to be served with tomato soup. Bread soup bowls had always made me curious given how it sucks up the soup however, I went on try the Indonesian treat Khwase Soup. This bright, uplifting yellow tinted soup was sour, strongly tasted and coconut-based with noodles swimming into it made a great relaxant.

 Main Course 

Tired yet I strolled around the Main Course section only to be tempted to try the Biryani and chicken. There were big names like Sikandari Raan aur Paaya Ras sophisticated by the perfect tenderness and proportion of spices and condiments.

Finally the time came to treat me sweet tooth. I hurried to the showcase of various mouth-watering sweets like Blueberry cake,chocolate donuts, mixed fruit tart, strawberry pastry, cupcakes, But the one that pleased me the most was the customized ice-ceam sundae!
How do they make the ice-cream sunday? Check out the video!

 The Ambience 

 Entertainment for Kids & Grown ups too 

 The Team 

 Chef Mohammad Arif Quereshi
He has over 14 years of Hotel experience in various positions in other hotels.

Chef Sanjay Bahl
He has organized prestigious wine dinners and won silver medal in Food Showcase event in Bangalore. He also worked as Chef Indian Cuisine aboard Queen Elizabeth-II as a part of world cruise.

To celebrate Father’s Day Ssence proved to be an ideal choice which was topped with artists having an expertise in making shapes out of balloon, one who made portraits on the spot and not to mention a magician for a trick-like treat.

Write up by Anushri Saxena

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