Dabur Vatika

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

October 1, 2015

Want to know my little hair care secret? Read on about Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil! Although I have long tresses, managing them is a complex task. To add on to the dilemma we have hair problems like dandruff, split ends and hair fall that damage the tamed hair further. Although, mostly hair problems are associated with some kind of deficiency, but it also comes down to how you treat your hair that matters the most. I remember a friend of mine who used to wash her hair daily with harsh shampoo bases, just to get rid of her itchy dandruff scalp. Certainly the dryness worsened the condition and she had to undertake dermatological treatment to cure the damage. How many of you are prone to the problem of split ends? The problem might seem meager, given that it only splits your hair strand’s tip into multiples; but do you know that it actually delays and in some cases completely stops the hair growth? My grandmother always suggests me to oil my hair at least once every week, to keep such problems away. From the organic Argan hair oils to an array of chemically advanced hair oils, our commercial market has an intense range of hair oils to offer. But here too, my grandmother tends to know what’s best for our hair! The goodness of coconut oil! Hair oil is incomplete if it doesn’t have the goodness of the coconut oil. I still remember my childhood days when my grandmom used to insist oiling my hair with nothing else but the coconut oil. Her efforts indeed turned out to be a blessing, thanks to her, my hair is now long and strong. (Now you know the secret to my long tresses.) Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil is an age old …

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