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#WhyVisit Mosaic Hotels Thai Promotion

February 8, 2016

The winter this year has been quite a disappointment but has cheered up all the summer loving Delhi-wallahs. The to-do list again includes spending more time outdoors in the Sun, going shopping, hanging out with friends and family and much more.In the midst of all this confusion whether it is Summer or Winter time I got an invitation to review the Flluid restaurant cum bar of the luxurious Mosaic Hotels. You might have already seen our feature on Mosaic Hotel‘s regular menu in our food listings.To remind us of the golden summer time, they are celebrating the Thai cuisine all of this February.

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Quirky Menu of Flluid, Mosaic Hotels

December 22, 2015

Everytime we plan on dining out, the most prominent perspective that comes to our mind is – sitting in a cosy environment and getting served some hot delicacies right on our table. While hanging out with friends is an easy peasy thing, it is always a deed judging on a dine-in place which is family friendly. And we are least expectant of the fact that our eat-out experience can be engaging and challenging (in a fun way) as well. This is what I expected when I was invited over at Mosaic Hotels, Noida; to try out their new menu. Just like any other restaurant experience, I too was under an impression that my platter will be all about tandoori munchies and dollops of curry-naan combos. Knowing the area like Noida, I was pretty sure about the desi style of a restaurant, although Sector 18 – Noida is now getting experimental and more artistic as well, but Mosaic Hotels is a prominent name in this part of Delhi-NCR; so I was expecting the Indianised menu only. As I entered the corridors of Mosaic Hotel, a staff member humbly invited me over to the Flluid Restaurant, which has been constructed with very pleasing contemporary decor; comfortable seating space and overlooking a beautifully designed swimming pool. I was quite surprised to find such a relaxing ambiance, given the fact that it is constructed amidst the hustle bustle of Sector – 18 Noida market and right opposite the Metro Station. Nevertheless, a bigger surprise awaited me. When I greeted my fellow bloggers and sat on my sofa, anticipating over the menu; I was offered a flask (which is only associated with hard drinks) along with some ‘amuse-bouche’. And this was when I realised that the presentation was going to be quite engaging throughout our …

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