Aire The Sky Bar Crowne Plaza Jaipur {Review}

May 24, 2016

You must have already read our review of the House of Han by Crowne Plaza Jaipur. This article is a first hand review of Aire the Sky Bar Crowne Plaza Jaipur which is nothing like your regular sundowner decks! Situated right in the middle of the Crowne Plaza Property, it has been designed next to the elevated swimming pool area, which provides a more intimate dining experience overall. Keeping the surroundings open air, with room for natural breeze and a relaxed lounge seating area, Aire the Sky Bar is definitely a breezy experience. To top it up, the bar also offers a live grill and a live evening musical performance by their encore singers; every evening. You name it and Crowne Plaza has pledged to serve it! Right from the seating arrangements, the dim-lit setup to the freshly brewed alcoholic concoctions that their in-house bartender offers, once can definitely look forward to an evening full of spirits (literally). During match days, Aire the Sky Bar Crowne Plaza Jaipur also proudly installs a projector, that entitles the diners to keep a tab on the cricket scores while they snack on some hot-out-of-the-grill delicacies. The Drinks While their bartender is definitely skilled with the universal cocktails like LIIT, Margarita, Mojito, Cosmopolitan and the Apple Martini; one can definitely feel that the menu is incomplete without their ‘signature cocktails’ section which often Hospitality groups boast about! But, for those who know their drinks right, it won’t be a disappointment as the bar do offers a wide variety of rich Single Malts, Blended Scotches, Tennessee, Cognac, Rum and the global menu of Wines, Beers and Vodkas. They serve finest drinks available like Villa Fassini Cabernet Shiraz and Norton Bodega that won’t disappoint your appetite to tantalise your taste buds with nothing but the best. THE FOOD One platter …

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North Indian Sweets In Delhi : Food Talk

April 20, 2015

Eating something sweet is considered as a sign of positivity. While some like have something sweet occasionally, there are people like me who literally find a reason (or not) to have a hearty bite of heaven. Delhi, being the abode to many rich cultures, comes with a significant array of desserts to boost about. With a hint of neighboring Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana with the evergreen elements of Mughal royalty; North Indian Sweets in Delhi are quite diverse. If you are a Delhiite, or know someone, you might have come across the statement “Khaane ke baad Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” (Let’s have something sweet post the meal.), quite very often. That’s what we have inherited from the royal food etiquettes of the Delhi Mughal era! So what exactly these north Indian desserts consist of? Let me present to you some of the yummiest ‘North Indian Sweets in Delhi’ : Jalebi image source : If you’ve been to old Delhi and haven’t tried the ‘Desi Ghee Jalebis’ from the famous Jalebiwallah, then you have missed on something worth heaven. Available as early as 7 in the morning, this juicy piece of caramel is one of the best Sunday morning feasts, for Delhiites. Don’t complain if you got to stand in the queue to try on this one! Kulfi Falooda image source : Mostly available in the hot summer period of Delhi, this ice cold milk bar is different from any other Kulfi you will find in India. Topped with sweetened boiled noodles and dollops of Roohafza (rose flavored), the Kulfi comes in a variety of flavors to try from. My personal favorite is the kesar kulfi that’s full of nuts and raisins. Daulat Ki Chaat – You probably won’t have heard about this one, right? Even if you have …

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Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi

February 9, 2015

Some people ‘Eat to Live’ while others (like me) ‘Live to Eat’! If this is not enough a reason to feel the gluttony, then we have trends like ‘Street Food’ to ‘Fine Dining’; making the experience an extravagant affair. While street-food can be a part of your daily eating binging diaries, fine-dining is usually reserved for the special occasions. Speaking of fine-dining, India excels in the art of making the dining experience luxurious & royal! And who better to present the king-size rich spread than our very own ‘Saddi Dilli’? The city of splendid multi-cuisines, Delhi offers the finest of fine dining experiences that truly mark a memorabilia for tourists and foodies. Celebrating the extravagance that Delhi has to offer, I present to you the top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi. Source : 1. Dum Pukht – Dating back to centuries, Delhi kitchens expertise in Mughali cuisine that has been brought down over generations of Nawabs. If you are a non-vegetarian and well-done red-meat is your style, then look no further. ITC Maurya Sheraton’s Dum Pukht doesn’t just mesmerize with its regal ambience, but the menu of ‘Murgh Chandni Kabab’ to ‘Mirch & Baigan ka Saalan’ leaves one’s taste buds tantalized too! Source : 2. Varq – For those who are looking for the desi dressings with an unusual twist, Varq is the place to be at. The ambiance to the likes of a Rajasthan style royal Gharana, give your taste buds a twist with exotic ingredients like morels, sand crab and Iranian dry-fruits. The menu is a perfect blend of old style cooking and modern chef’s palette with delectable dishes like ‘Martaban ka Meat’, ‘Teen Mirch Curry’ and desserts like ‘Passion fruit Kalaakand’. Source : 3. Indian Accents – Do you like experimenting? If trying out anything ‘hatke’ is what you aim for, then Indian …

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Vivo Restaurant : Alila Diwa Goa

December 5, 2014

Sit by the pool side, as the humble staff will serve you some piping hot fish – fillet. Sip some coolers as the moist breeze of Goa will mesmerize you. Want to dine-in for some a-la-carte? Sure, all day long! That’s Vivo Restaurant by Alila Diwa Goa, folks. From picturesque location, traditional Goan architecture to a lip-smacking menu; this place is one stop for the foodies in Goa.  About Vivo Restaurant  Overlooking the resort pool and surrounding paddy fields, VIVO offers a relaxed ambiance for all-day dining within its indoor or shaded open-air spaces. On the menu is a delicious mix of Oriental, Indian and Continental favorites with plenty of healthy choices to suit every palate. An elaborate breakfast selection of Western and Indian dishes are complemented by delicacies brought fresh from the bakery, fresh fruits and Alila’s special blend of coffee.  Vivo offers an a la carte menu during lunch and dinner presenting light, healthy meal choices. At Dinner, ‘live’ interactive buffet counters engage and excite your taste buds with varying themes during the week.  The Food   Lunch Spread   Breakfast Spread   The Ambiance   Amit Pathania – Executive Chef – Alila Diwa Goa  Alila Diwa Goa recently appointed Amit Pathania as Executive Chef. Amit brings with him around 15 years of experience with leading luxury and business hotels as well as restaurants in India and internationally. In his current role, he will direct and oversee Alila Diwa Goa’s culinary offerings across all its Food and Beverage outlets. With his varied experience and well rounded specialities spanning Indian, Western, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Amit’s core expertise lies in managing Food and Beverage Production’s operations.   Personal Favorites  The Fish-fillet, Waffles & Dumplings and Fresh Juices.  Verdict  Ambiance : 5/5 Food : 4.5/5 Service : 4/5 Value for Money : 3.5/5  Check it Out!  Vivo Restaurant Alila Diwa Goa 48/10, Village …

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Ssence, The Suryaa Hotel Delhi {Food Review}

June 27, 2014

Normally showcases are those that are only meant for display. Look but don’t touch. However, if you happen to be dropping by the Ssence at the very lush The Suryaa hotel you are surely not to be disappointed. Located in one of the best areas in Delhi, Ssence a Culinary Showcase is truly an extravagant experience offering a wide variety of cuisines which you can not only feast your eyes on but also pick and savor.  I-Menu They have a variety of coolers, mocktails and cocktails to offer. Even the ‘normal water’ gets a refreshing twist here. An expected dilemma we faced in the beginning was where to start from. The Sunday Brunch celebrating Father’s Day had a horde of desserts to offer from tarts and donuts to blueberry cakes but later on that. I realized it is improper to start from the desserts so I rushed to the starters.   Kids Corner  Mini treats for the kids Candies, Popcorns, Muffins and Cookies. While usually vegetarians are made to be disappointed, here it was not so with Vegetable Lasagna exuding with a crusty cheese layer on top and stuffed with mushrooms and veggies.. Next to it rested the pickle-like Mushroom Goulash and tossed colourful vegetables in Olive Oil.  Going in the oven South Indian Dosa Platter  Chaat Counter  Vegetarian Galouti Kababs From herbs to homemade mustard sauces, nothing was left out from the menu.   Sizzlers Counter Other notable dishes included the divinely soft Mango Crusted Fish with Avocado & Olive Salsa apart from Se Salt and Lemon Rubbed Chicken freshly prepared and exposed in the pan.I made it a point to try the sizzlers that ranged from shrimps to chicken, fish and pork. The Salad Counter  Maneuvering towards the cool salads in sync with a choice of seasoning like Hummus among others, I stopped to try the four …

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Tarani’s Low Calorie Kitchen – Gourmet Diet Meals

June 19, 2014

Talk about dieting and the ghosts of masala-less meals, boiled vegetables and everything that we usually avoid starts haunting us. The biggest agenda of loosing those macaroon cals is sticking to a diet that we’d trade for even a piece of cheese. What if eating a pizza, smoked chicken, kathi rolls and winding it up on a sweet brownie note meant losing calories anyway? Heavenly, right? Well, a food lover like us actually took this up as a challenge and has made our dreams come alive. Presenting to you – Tarani’s Low Calorie Kitchen. The TLC kitchen is the brainchild of promoters Tarani Kapur, and has on board well known hospitality consultant, Sohrab Sitaram, who is the name behind many successful hospitality concepts and ventures. TLC offers four basic meal plans, each of which has a customized and calorie controlled menu, are designed for Healthy Living, Weight Management, aiding in meals for Type 2 Diabetics, and helping with nutritious meals for Cardiac Health. The meals are portion controlled, fresh frozen and ready to eat. Each of the meals has been specially prepared according to the customized meal plan, in the state of the art TLC Kitchen in Delhi. The meals are best described as fine dining and offer a fabulous way to stay healthy and fit, all the while dispensing with the need to cook special meals at home. They are ideal for working couples, singletons and anyone who does not have the time or resources to cook healthy food at home. The first time I tried TLC meals was during the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. I did hear about how many designers suggested FDCI to include TLC services in their cafe lounge menu. Tarani’s gourmet meal services are becoming a rage among those who don’t have time to even …

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