Dove Play Date – IndiBlogger Meet, Mumbai

May 25, 2014

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. –Audrey Hepburn Sitting at work and trying to crack up the mundane life that we all live now, I was just day-dreaming about the days gone by. The days when fun was all that mattered. When we were kids who just liked to have fun and stay HAPPY! Feeling high and nostalgic, I resumed my work..when an email poped up with the subject ‘Dove invites you to play with your hair on 11th May 2014’. The #DOVEPLAY Invite De ja vu? Well, everything about this invite seemed exciting except for the part that it was happening in Mumbai; while I put up in Delhi. With disappointment I replied back to the mail saying : And I told my self “I so wish to have a mini holiday right now.Sigh!” When I got a reply back saying : Was I dreaming or what? One simple wish…. and it was granted? I happily agreed to be a part of this playful meet. At night, I sat down and went through the invite details. One thing that crossed my mind was that this event will be organized in association with Indiblogger. Now Indiblogger meets have always been so much fun. Which is why I was pretty sure that this one is going to be awesome as well. But this event was going to be different. Being a regional meet so far, this one was inviting few female bloggers from other major cities of India as well! The next level of Indiblogger meets eh? Image Source Since my Mumbai itinery was taken care of, my big concern was the dress code: white. I do have a lot of white apparels in my closet, but something absolutely white? …

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June 22, 2012

I feel so ashamed to pull up this post soooo late. But oh well I have been busy playing the “Editor’s” role at Anyways, so we had this awesome back to back Indiblogger meet. But to start with I am presenting to you the DOVE INDIBLOGGER MEET. Held at The Park, Connaught Place. The event was not yet another boring brands promoting their new launches. But rather a more interactive, informative and fun filled session. Can anyone ask for a better deal than that? When me, Bharti from CrazypopLock, Awungshi from drpoisonivy andAnushri from anushrisaxena reached the venue, the event had just started. The first few bloggers who reached the venue got the chance to introduce themselves under the category 60 SECONDS TO FAME. On a personal note, I think it was an amazing idea as people were able to introduce themselves, their blog and what it is all about. We had more than 100 Delhi Women Bloggers. I had no clue the bloggers number is so huge in Delhi itself. We had a gala time knowing each other. Delhi bloggers enjoying the event. We were in for a surprise guest “Shivani Tanksale” She was a fun person to listen to, as she talked about her hair problems, her personal take on this, how messy her hair becomes at times, how shes got to juggle up health, hygiene and work all together. Shivani Tanksale providing her hair experience. There were loads of live tweets coming up on big screens. I thought why not me. And that was the beginning of my TWEET MANIA :p My tweet been retweeted and responded by Dove! Thank you ^_^ We were even asked to scribble up ONE THING I WOULD LIKE TO GET RID OF on sticky paper and post it up on …

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Go Lakme Fashion Week with Kyra!

May 28, 2012

Lakme has put up a competition to blog about a fun and frolic summer day with KYRA, the lovely Lakme girl. Well I thought pretty hard, as to what kind of fun I can have with her. Vacations I can go with anybody, but what is unique about them with Lakme and Kyra eh? Suddenly I came across an advertisement in the newspapers regarding a Lakme Fashion Week to be held in Mumbai!! And I was like ” Hell yeah!!” I am going to this Fashion Week with Kyra!! I was excited, panicking and dreaming about my Mumbai trip. I started up with packing my bags for the trip, while Kyra appeared and opened up my television, showing me a commercial! Lakme Sun Expert Commercial Yikes!! I thanked Kyra, for helping me realize I need to pack up Sun Screen Protection. This will not only help me stay protected from the sun and avoid tanning, but also will help me enjoy the trip with Kyra to the fullest. ^_^ I was absolutely ready for a summerlicious trip with Kyra to Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week. I had the perfect collection of summer dresses, the best Lakme products to protect me from Tanning, help my skin healthy and protected. As we both landed at the Mumbai Airport, I could sniff in the breeze of the sea nearby. And I was sure to have a super great time. 😀 Kyra welcomed me to Mumbai, with a cool dose of Coconut Water. We went to our hotel, and I freshened up to take over Mumbai.Yahoo! But I was feeling a bit scared due to all the heat. Phew!My first visit was the Gateway of India, thought of carrying a scarf and sunglasses to shield myself up.I was so confused as what to wear. 🙁 And then …

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