May 1, 2012

As Barney from How I Met Your Mother says to SUIT UP, I thought why not turn a boring Suit into something of a fashion statement? πŸ˜‰ With a mix of grey, mint, fuchsia and emerald….I created this look : Sometimes breaking the monochrome and the obvious is fun….right? πŸ˜‰ What all I added? A Grey Plain Blazer (color suggested by Anika) Angelina Jolie’s famous Raw Cut Emerald Earrings Classic Diane Von Furstanberg Nude Pumps My favorite Bottega Veneta Fuchsia Clutch I created custom made mint trousers with a darker waist region to make it stand out from the white shirt. So this is my way of SUITING UP!! What is yours? πŸ˜‰ P.s. your comments are precious to me…do not fret to say what’s on your mind πŸ˜€

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Monochrome Ensemble made Quirky!!

April 25, 2012

I gave a basic monochrome ensemble to my Kalapalette Facebook girls and asked them to suggest…HOW TO COMPLETE THIS BASIC OUTFIT!! While Amrita Balaji suggested to add Yellow Color to this outfit, Pallavi Pande suggested “WIGS” I had a deep thought about it and  VOILA We had a QUIRKY TWIST OF MONOCHROME ENSEMBLE!! Wanna know what all I chose? Yellow Bib Necklace by KATE SPADE This statement piece is alone good enough to hold up an neutral outfit.It brings contrast to an ensemble, and I thought why not use it to make the monochrome dress more SPRING PERFECT? πŸ˜€ Purple Wig This electric addition to more crazy style statement is something which will really make many heads turn. πŸ˜‰ If you fear getting your hair colored, why not try one of these amazing wigs, to look fashionable, with something unique and a new hairstyle to try on πŸ˜‰ Yellow Studs The key to wearing a statement piece is adding minimalism accessories or no accessories, so I have added a very basic stud earrings pair, to be a part of the look and not steal the limelight of the statement neck piece. πŸ˜€ Dark Blue Multifacet Ring by Lucas Jack London Totally loving this asymmetrical ring, quite artistic and elegant at the same time.Although to suit my outfit I changed the color of the glass from Blue to Purple. Jimmy Choo Yellow Wedges Well don’t need to say anything about the Jimmy Choo footwear, as they speak volumes about STYLE!! These wedges will help the long dress get some surface above floor,letting the person to walk freely!! Thought for a cause eh! Christian Louboutin Purple Suede Cube Wristlet Clutch If someone says FASHION HAS NO BOUNDARIES WHEN IT COMES TO CREATIVITY….I indeed agree!! This clutch is a bundle of joy and style statement in itself.This …

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Acids And Bases!!

December 28, 2011

Earlier only sophisticated color tones like Pastels used to be preferred when it came to fashion or dressing up.But now Fashion is a wild art, which can be in any shape, form and of course COLOR!!The hottest trend running presently is NEON! While I come across atleast one piece of Neon merchandise, I thought why not create a fusion the scientific way? What happens when ACIDIC NEON fuses with BASIC PASTEL? For you lovely peeps I have created 2 sets of ACID AND BASE = NEON AND PASTEL outfits…. 1.The tangy Electric Sunset Orange with Hint of Neon Green and the soothing element of JADE. 2.Hues of Acidic Neon Pink along with balancing and cooling effects of Fuchsia. So which one will you be going for? πŸ˜‰

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December 20, 2011

A very very veryyyyyyy MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE LOVELY KALAPEEPS.A warm kudos to all. So sorry for the delay (again) for the *late* SUNDAY SURPRISE….but not to worry I have one more surprise lined up πŸ˜‰ Well like I mentioned before that this SUNDAY SURPRISE has theme of Christmas….but to make it more cute and merrier I have created a mix theme of : CHRISTMAS + MINNIE MOUSE Well since its christmas it’s got to be RED!! To start with I have created a custom made Red Minnie Mouse Inspired Mini Dress with polka and red!! Well I thought christmas is always “CUTE” but why we shouldn’t go with something “Ravishing” πŸ˜‰ So to team this up with, I just picked up one ornament which does not require any other collaboration : St. Erasmus Necklace Well he is the same guy who got famous when Michelle Obama wore his neck piece in a meet. Isn’t that super cool? ^_^ Anyways to continue with the theme look…. I randomly searched the MINNIE HEADBAND These are super cute already that I did not feel like re-touching them. πŸ˜€ Next since it is winter season, we ought to have stockings at least.And what better than having custom made Christmas special stockings? These stockings are ultra cute and perfect to go for Christmas themes.I have added my custom snowflake designs. ^_^ And last but not the least… I turned simple black boots into merry boots ^_^ I added colorful cotton balls to them. And we have for you the perfect sizzling RED and radiant MINNIE CHRISTMAS THEME DRESS ^_* Oh BTW….I have something “VERY STRONG” brewing up for all “INTERNATIONALLY” any guesses? ^_^

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Inspiration so big :)

August 11, 2011

I met her blog accidently due to someone who had stolen her art and given to a famous website called “STARDOLL”…but thanks to that girl that i ended up meeting such an inspirational figure….KATHRYN ROGERS and her blog named PAPERFASHION….I fell in love with her art instantly,I remember the 1st ever illustration of hers which I saw was BIRD OF PARADISE I simply loved what she had put up on her canvas…they were delicate,colorful but elegant…full of life and simply “AWESOME”….this really glued me to be a regular to her blog and soak in loads of inspiration from her.,, I even kept account of her personal blogging which showcased her timely posts about her room..her encounters in life and so on….This led me to follow her to Facebook and I came to know her even better.I followed each and every illustration of hers so far.Such talented people really boost up your inner soul to go forward and do something…..She has inspired me alot and made me pull up my sleeves to do something myself. Whenever I get time I simply go through her artwork.Her signature style of leaving flow of pen around her illustrations…the swirls which flow out…the rough skeleton leftovers which are visible at some portions…All this makes the illustration stand out at KATHRYN ROGER’S creation…I simply love them. If I look at her designs dating back to 2009 and now…she has turned into a true artist.Her earlier illustrations are clean and don’t leave room for roughness.They are clean and crisp. But her work now is all speaking about HER.The wild flow of rough lines running through her illustration…let us know about her free spirited ARTFORM. I remember the time I interacted with her for the 1st time.Though it was a limited conversation but I was so overwhelmed.You know the …

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