Contest : Vogue Cult Giveaway

September 1, 2012

I am super duper excited about Kalapalette turning ONE!! And to share my excitement I have collaborated with some amazing people to bring you all a reason to be excited. ^_^ I bring to you KALAPALETTE’S BLOGOVERSARY GIVEAWAY SERIES!! Yes you heard that right. And the 2nd giveaway in the series is being sponsored by Vogue Cult Know Vogue Cult  Who all are behind this online shop? We are fashion enthusiasts and love all kinds of clothes. For privacy issues,we cannot reveal our name. It is two of us who is managing the page/shop and we are students. The reason why you opened this shop? We open this part-time venture to use our wasted time on Facebook to do something productive and profiting and to do something what we love without disturbing our daily activities as a student. Why did you name it Vogue Cult? We were juggling with the names as we had all sorts of lame ideas. And one of us said “We will try to sell what is in vogue and the “trend”. Hence the word “vogue” struck us. “Cult” was decided out of instinct and the name “Vogue Cult” seemed so apt to describe. How is this shop different from other online shops?  It is different from other shop because we do all kinds of request from customers. Our motto is to satisfy them not to rob them. We know that we cannot satisfy everyone but we try hard. We give discounts, free accessories for medium to large order. We try to communicate with them and help them in every way. What kind of collection can be found in your shop? Our collection has all types of clothing items and accessories ranging from High-end street fashion to designer knock offs. Connect with Vogue Cult team on FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY 1 VOGUE winners The winner will receive the black dress …

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