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February 14, 2015

Source : elitedaily “Oh god! That time of the year is here again. And it’s going to last for a whooping 14 days. 14 days of lovey-dovey drama everywhere. Some La Vie En Rose, eh?” – Single Bee As February dawns upon us, a cold war between singles and mingles take over the social network. Reason being? While the minglers suddenly realize their love for each other and bombard the network with love-filled posts, comments & photographs; singles get to sink in the feeling of being alone and bored during this time. When everyone is singing love songs, singleton valley tries to find ways of hiding somewhere or acting up completely ignorant! source : fooyah Sure, we are all living in the modern times and ‘busy’ is how we describe our life, their ain’t no ‘Prince Charming’ or Cinderalla that is suddenly (one day) going to come in your life one day. So what to do rather than sitting and waiting…..? Grab your phone and download Vee! What is Vee, you ask? Vee is India’s finest new age matchmaking app that lets you discover eligible educated singles, matching your individual personality and interests. Vee presents you interesting and verified profiles with information like profession, education, photos, common friends, common interests, astrological compatibility, personality traits, and hobbies. Vee does not recommend or present any person or profile looking for a casual hookup or casual dating. Vee recommends or connects you with people looking for new friends or meaningful relationships only. There is no way a person can contact you unless you wish so. Vee provides multiple ways to keep your information and interactions safe and secure. Vee is very protective about its community and provides multiple ways to block or report any kind of abuse. ♥ Safest. Most Trusted. 100% Privacy. 100% …

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