Wendell Rodricks

Fashion Week : North East Fashion Fest 2013 | Day 2

December 22, 2013

A couple of weeks back Delhi witnessed a fresh dose of fashion weeks. Being considered as the fashion capital of India, Delhi was chosen as the venue for North East Fest 2013. With 16 fashion shows which took place on a spread of 4 days, the venue also showcased an exhibition of North Eastern handicrafts.  The idea was to promote North East Fashion industry on a national scale. This week also involved quite a number of North Eastern Bands performing on the grounds, live.  Let’s take a look at some of the collection from North East Fest 2013. DAY 2 RISHA DEKA LINE 22 BY RINZING C BHUTIA ATSU SEKHOSE WENDELL RODRICKS I was quite surprised by the diverse collections from various talented designers. North East has much more to offer than we actually consider it to be. Some photographs contributed for Kalapalette by Prateek Ahluwalia

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Book Review – The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks

November 4, 2012

wendellrodricks.com A week back Blogadda sent me over this amazing autobiography by the well known designer Wendell Rodricks for review purposes. The first thing I saw was the cover; Malaika Arora Khan calling it a “show time”. What does the back cover say? No one belongs here except beautiful mannequins, make-up and hair armies, dressers culled from local fashion schools and the designer’s team. Should a hapless tailor, steam-press man or technician cross the hallowed threshold of the green room, he is greeted with flashing, angry kohled eyes and half – naked models clutching their breasts and shrieking in unison: ‘Get out, get out! What the hell is going on? Who the fuck is this guy? Bahar jao! Get out!’ The shocked man, head at navel level of the six-foot divas, looks like a rabbit caught in a Guantanamo Bay strobe. Makes me think.. Is this 356 pages thick book all about “The green room”? Certainly not! What is it about? I will call it a parallel walk through the life of Wendell Rodricks and journey of Indian fashion from late 20’s to the present. A journey of middle class boy born to Goan parents, who has seen the extremes; from tasting the village life in Goa, to struggling a life from Mumbai chawls to clinking champagnes with rich and famous. His life is truly an inspiration to those, who give up in life so easily. Hard work, patience and determination is what Wendell Rodricks has always lived with as he started off as a chef in Oman but god had other plans for him . He recalls the time when hope was the only hope, and the people surrounding him. The year of 1992 when India saw angry mobs of people distinguished in the name of Allah and Ram …

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LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES” Day – 2 [Part 2]

August 5, 2012

It seems that this year is indeed “Festive” as not only were Summer Fashion Trends full of colors, but LFW Winter 2012 is also seeing a lot of colors.  Well so here I am presenting to you “ LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES“” I will bring to you the top picks from the collections shown on each day of the LFW Fall 2012. In the order of their appearance on Day 2, Part 2, let us look at the best picks from Day 2!! Sannam Chopra Accessories Fall 2012 Collection “Medieval Pop” Chopra plays with a unique concept for her collection titled ‘Medieval Pop’ which focused on the unusual concept involving a story and set in the medieval times, when men would just as a way to garner honors. Amidst the crowd, there lies a beautiful woman, somewhat amused and intrigued she envisions herself in their attire with an added feminine touch. The range showcased a number of accessories such as bags, necklaces, cuffs and hair accessories. Set in regal Swarovski crystals along with imposing large stones the pieces were tastefully bold and large, accentuated by gold chords as well as silver tassels. Adding a hint of variation some pieces even sported butterflies, bows and leaves. All about strong forms, accentuated by feminine concepts this collection by Sannam Chopra is sure to be a favourite for any cocktail party goer. Sandhya Garg Fall 2012 Collection  Inspired by the 1920’s art deco movement, Sandhya Garg’s debut collection was simply electrifying. Using fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, lace and other easy and feminine materials, the designer worked more on the fine detailing of each piece, treating them like a work of art in their own right. Youthful, Sandhya Garg’s collection stuck to ongoing trends such as colour blocking and making use of solid pops of colour such as blue, …

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