Taking Care of Faux Fur in winters

December 7, 2018

Winter has finally arrived, and with it, so has the need to bring out clothes from deep inside our wardrobes! From woollens and caps to scarves and those trench coats, all have become a necessity now! But among all these, there is one material in particular that rules most of our hearts; faux fur!

Fashionable, comfortable and utterly wonderful to look at, faux fur is everyone’s answer to chic and effortlessly styled clothing. The best part, however, is that it is cruelty-free and that no animal had to get hurt for us to enjoy the texture of the fur!

However, the one thing that it all comes down to is how we take care of these faux fur when not in use and when they are in use too.

  • Storage:withoutatrace

Image source: withoutatrace

Be it a coat made solely of faux fur or another clothing element with a touch of faux fur to it, storing it the right way is of utmost importance. Just a few points to remember:

  1. Remember to store your faux furs away from humidity and in a dry and cool place. Though faux fur getting wet can get quite messy, the humidity can make it fuzzy and frizzy which in turn makes it look weird.
  2. The best way you can store them is by keeping them inside a garment bag or some kind of a container.
  3. Never store your faux fur near a place which has access to a constant source of sunlight. Any kind of overexposure to the sunlight on a regular basis can fade the colour off of clothes and faux fur alike.
  • Maintenance:naturalbedcompany

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Maintenance is not really that big an issue when it comes to faux furs as long as you have been following the storage rules to the T. There are, however, a few things you can keep in mind:

  1. Weekly brushing is a good idea as it helps keeps the lose fibers off and makes the cloth look more presentable.
  2. Always use a soft-bristled brush, and remember to brush the fur with the grain and not opposite it, with a gentle hand.
  3. This brushing also helps remove any dirt that might have settled on the surface of the fur thus also preventing any matting of the fibers in the future.
  • Washing:bustle

Image source: bustle

Now comes the tricky part! Though it is obviously easier to wash faux fur when compared to real fur, doing it a little too often might just end up damaging the garment altogether. The main rule of thumb during washing is to remember to not use heat on the fibers.

Machine Washing: there are a few things you ought to keep in mind before you decide to throw that faux fur coat of yours in the washing machine:

  1. a)Turn the clothing piece inside-out to reduce the friction the furs might endure first-hand in the machine.
  2. b)Cool or even cold water is your faux fur’s best friend during the wash cycle, and add to that a gentle detergent and you are good to go.
  3. c)Do NOT put your faux furs in the dryer. Instead, resort to air drying.

I really do hope that this helps you understand the nature of your faux fur garments, and how you can best take care of them during the winters to make sure that they last you long and keep you warm!