Our Team

Editor – in – chief.

The world is colorful jungle, with a blend of nature and concrete human creations. I, am an explorer, holding my kaleidoscope tight, with a dream to find wisdom and seek nirvana exploring the world around me. A bird out of the mundane cage, out to make this world a woman friendly place, while making the woman more fashionable in their own way.

Features Writer.

I am political in my views and measure fashion and lifestyle at a broader aspect. Having a journalism background, I thrive to direct Kalapalette in the publicly acclaimed direction. My inspiration comes from those, who are self made and never fear taking up challenges. I follow the same mantra of the karma.


Holding the camera, the lens is my eye. This mesmerizing world has so much to offer and I feel honored to be able to capture the same through my lenses. Having a knack for the world’s most beautiful bounty, I have enough to exhilarate about. I capture all the thrills and frills, the pain and gain.

Technical Head.

Google is the digital world. If you want to be known, you need to stand out in the crowd. My binary mind cracks the complex structures of SEO, makes the website look kick-ass and turn the analytics green with upgradation. Creating useful programs on the side, my inputs are what makes Kalapalette stand out in this blogging world.