The Beginning

August 5, 2011
To start with let me tell you…
I ain’t no other blogger who talks about FOOD brushing up recipes and talking about HOW TO GET FAT!!Neither I will talk about THE TREND of FASHION…as I guess the designers do the best job…and nor I will be pulling up critical debate.

This is my journey from being an ordinary amateur artist to attaining my ultimate goal of attaining NIRVANA.What my ultimate NIRVANA IS? Well I have provided a hint around my blog..!!The day I attain this nirvana….My BLOG WILL R.I.P….

Many people will be able to connect with me and maybe find their journey parallel to mine.I will not purely talk about art or my profession, but it will be about my LIFE!!Those who will find the particular post relevant to their lives are most welcome to comment or show a sign πŸ˜€ …

I know my start will have ghosts as my FOLLOWERS and blanks as my COMMENTATORS….but i know that soon they will be replaced by H20 BREATHERS. πŸ˜‰

and ohhhh you can check out my website too here