The Body Shop Black Musk EDP Review

March 1, 2016

The Body Shop Black Musk might sound like a super dark concussion of ingredients that might be a little too powerful for a woman’s application but it is actually a balanced blend of fruity and sweet ingredients. This fragrance is not at all dark, but has a powerful spirit that definitely stands out amongst the array of musk based EDPs that are available in the market. The newest fragrance addition to The Body Shop’s huge range of fragrances is the ‘Black Musk’ range that comes in perfume, EDT and EDP formula.

The Body Shop Black Musk2

When I first lay my hands on this bottle of goth, I was prepared to whiff overpowering tones of musk with faint hints of vanilla. But to my surprise, the formula is a pleasing balance of black vanilla with hints of musk with the sweet notes of a pear. Prolly this is the reason why it has been introduced as being ‘naughty & nice’ as it tends to blend in the powerful base notes with feminine top notes.

The Packaging

The Body Shop Black Musk1

Honestly, I am quite happy with its packaging. Especially the EDP, that comes in a compact black bottle which is light, strong and easy to apply. The entire black with violet colour scheme of the packaging stands out amongst other delicately packed fragrance bottles by The Body Shop. It is definitely travel friendly and fits in even in my hand bag without the fear of spoiling the contents upon uncapping.

The Usage

The Body Shop Black Musk

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I spray the EDP behind my ears and on my front neckline. The fragrance lasts for a good 4-5 hours with all the notes settling in within a span of 30-40 minutes.

About the Black Musk Range


Become brazenly seduced by the dual scent persona of Black Musk Fragrance. The Body Shop’s Black Musk Fragrance is the darkest and most sensual of all. Captivating feminine notes of bambinella pear, intensified by pink pepper and bergamot. Embraced by heliotrope with an aphrodisiac lift of luscious licorice, further deepened by black vanilla and black musk accords.

My Experience

I am absolutely in love with the sweet and spicy fragrance of the Black Musk EDP. No kidding, but I have had quite a few people complimenting me on my perfume, enquiring more details about it. Since the fragrance is quite classy, I prefer wearing it for my evening parties and cocktail receptions. It does make me feel powerful with a sense of elegance that gets derived from its sweeter tones. I will suggest it to those women who like strong perfumes and are playful with fruity hints to it.

The Body Shop Black Musk3

Will I buy it again?

Yes! Definitely.

Worth the money?

Some might find it a little expensive, but it will be worth the product quality, not to forget that the EDP will last a good 2-3 months upon daily application.

The Black Musk EDP is priced at Rs.3295/- for a 50ml bottle.

Visit your nearest The Body Shop to grab your very own Black Musk fragrance.

You can also visit if you wish to purchase it online.