The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine

May 24, 2016

The first time I laid my eyes on The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine parfum range, I knew that this fragrance edition needs to be added to my personal collection asap! I have always preferred floral fragrances over fruity scents and this one was an instant hit with me.

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Boxed in a very artistic packaging, the Indian-ness of this edition reflects well right from treating your eyes to your smelling senses! As per the older reviews available online, the packaging was very different which has been customised and restocked on the extensive demand of the product.

What’s The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine?

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Since ancient times, Indian women have used jasmine flowers to perfume and adorn their hair. Jasmine’s small, fine flower reveals a strong scent that reaches its most powerful intensity at night.
In India, we extracted Jasmine essence from hundreds of freshly-picked flowers to compose a unique warm and intensely heady white floral fragrance at heart deepened by notes of sandalwood and vanilla.

My Experience

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Hands down, I have been sold on the idea of Mughal inspired Jasmine fragrance by The Body Shop. Having been born and brought up in Delhi, I have always had a soft corner for everything Mughal. The wild bushes of Jasmine flowers are spread across the capital city of India and are loved and enjoyed by every resident of the city, each summer! Loved the Orange against a monochrome Mehendi design packaging of this one.

The actual EDT bottle is a glass bottle and has has an old fashion parfum silhouette to match the Mughal feel of it. The fragrance is of medium strength with a base tone of course being the jasmine flower. The top and medium notes consist of a strong tangerine hint which evolves from the concoction of orange, sandalwood, musk and vanilla fragrances.

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I can definitely see myself wearing this fragrance for a day out during the summer season. The notes match best with a summer silhouette and floral prints. The fragrance lasts 7-8 hours, with 3-4 sprays around the neckline area together. I have received compliments and queries from my friends and colleagues claiming that they are in love with this feminine sweet fragrance; which I guess justifies how lovable the perfume is!

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The EDT is priced at INR 1695/- for 50 ml bottle.

Cons of owing The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine EDT? 

The packaging is not travel friendly. I can definitely not carry it in my handbag around, but surely can wrap it up in the box for luggage travel.

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Final Verdict!

Will I buy it again? Yes!
Worth the money? Yes!
You can also visit if you wish to purchase it online.

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