The Umrao – Luxury Hotel

January 5, 2017

If you happen to be from or be in Delhi travelling towards the Airport or Gurgaon on NH-8, you might have definitely come across the luxurious glimpses of a boutique hotel ‘The Umrao’ which is famous for A-list weddings in the city.


With its expansive borderline and an architecture appealing to the expensive strength, The Umrao stands out as a resort hotel perfect for a private getaway or a Destination Wedding appeal; among its pears.



Having won the award Luxury New Hotel title at World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016, The Umrao definitely assures a luxurious experience on their property; be it for dining, wedding function or stay services. I too got a chance to stay at this lovely property for 2 nights and 3 days, experiencing the best that their restaurants have to offer and unwinding by their pool side spa and comfortable accomodation facilities.


The Umrao is situated on National Highway-8, which is nearby the Indira Gandhi International Airport and is a drive away from the Gurgaon City Hub. If we talk about its architecture, then the hotel has been designed utilising the grand 15-acre land to its full potential. With beautifully manicured lawns, green patches all throughout, calming water bodies in terms of fountains and pool; the hotel does make you feel relaxed and closer to nature while being settled in the contemporary architecture of its main concrete buildings.


As you enter the property, green covered driveway leading you to the main reception dome transports you to a world away from the hustle bustle of the busy city life.


Taking advantage of the space, The Umrao’s lobby has been designed in the most contemporary style, with middle-eastern decor elements, a see-through dome that leads you to the reception area, right next to the Waffle Tea Lounge/Pastry Shop.



While you wait for the check-in to take place, The Umrao’s quick bite and drink Waffle Tea Lounge offers you from an array of tea and coffee blends to begin your stay with. If you are hungry, The Waffle also offers a menu of nibblers that go very well with the drinks while you sit and unwind.


To begin my stay on a lighter note, I ordered for myself Umrao Special ‘Valley Of Roses’ tea which is basically a very mild green tea infused with the pleasant aroma of rose petals. This tea benefits in detoxification for kidneys, livers and helps in strengthening the immune and digestive system.

Tali Machali

Tali Machali

In terms of nibblers, I ordered Tali Machali which is marinated Basa fish with Indian spices fried deep and served with mint sauce. From the chicken menu, I also ordered Crispy Chicken Fillet which was again a deep fried marinated chicken served with hot mayo sauce.

Crispy Chicken Fillet

Crispy Chicken Fillet

The good part about both of these fried nibblers was that they didn’t seem greasy at all. Both the dishes were light to eat, crispy at its best and yet non-greasy upon intake. As I enquired about this strange phenomena, I was introduced to a staff member of The Umrao’s culinary section who monitors the food quality of each dish, with a motive of offering food which is rich in content and yet as healthy as possible; to its customers.


Post having a great unwinding time at The Waffle, I was taken to my upgraded Executive Room which is situated on the ground floor of the property, is more spacious with 30.28 sq mtrs area and comes with a Pool facing balcony equipped with an open Jacuzzi for summer relaxation.



The Executive Room’s interiors are sleek, with calming colour palette, comfortable beds, a neat study table and a restroom which is spacious and well lit.



What really caught my attention was the pool facing balcony and our very own private Jacuzzi setup in it.


Although, due to the cold winters I wasn’t able to experience Jacuzzi life during my stay, I very much utilised the pool facing balcony for my morning meditation and freshly blended juice sipping time, listening to the calming sound of pool water gushing for cleansing purposes.




The rooms are all soundproof which helps the residents have a sound sleep,with an airport and noisy air traffic noise disturbing the peace of the surrounding areas.




Even the loud music being played at their wedding halls doesn’t bother the peace of the rooms at any given point of time. So in case you are from Delhi, looking at having a weekend getaway with absolutely no scope of travelling much, The Umrao can definitely be put on top of the list as a country-side style luxury hotel offering a peaceful experience to take a break from the chaos of life.



Simply taking a stroll throughout the property of The Umrao is a relaxing experience in itself. If you are in Delhi or happen to be travelling to Delhi and are looking for a stay experience that offers you the much needed peace, luxury and a relaxation quota, then The Umrao is your go-to destination.


Visit to know more about this beautiful property. You can also walk-in at the following address :

Umrao Hotels and Resorts Pvt.Ltd.

National Highway – 8,
New Delhi- 110037
Telephone:+91-11-4770-7070, Fax:+91-11-4770-7000