September 12, 2016

Fairmont Jaipur is a renowned name in the city of pink buildings and royalty. It’s not just the architecture of Fairmont Jaipur, but the very hospitality that vouches for the luxurious experience one gets to witness over a stay at this Mughal-Rajputana inspired hotel property. And when I speak about the luxurious experience, you can expect a round of glitz engulfed food trail accompanied with lodging that makes you feel no less of a king/queen; upon stay.


For those who’ve read our travel diaries for a long long time must be aware of our primary rendezvous with Fairmont Jaipur 2 years back. As we mapped the extravagant world of the property in our travel video, our focus was mostly on the intricate decor of the hotel palace. And so this time, we promised to capture the very essence of intricate detailing and heritage of Rajasthan that has been adapted by Clive Gray of Bangkok-based Randolph Gray Design to create magnificent interior decor of the property.


Fairmont Jaipur consists of 199 rooms overlooking Char-Bagh courtyard or the picturesque Aravalli Hills. Each room matches the extravagant accommodation style of Mughal royalties, with spacious bedrooms and vibrant bathrooms. Each room is bolted with traditional studded timber door which welcomes guests into an alley dotted with traditional silverware flower vase and a room dipped in bright colour palette of distressed gold and rich turquoise.


Most of the furniture is crafted with timber and includes Portuguese colonial-inspired four poster beds to keep up with the old-school charm. The details of studded furniture, jaalidaar-air conditioning, carefully curated interior-decor accessories and excellent amenities build up the luxury factor of Fairmont Jaipur accommodation. Whereas silverware makes up for most of the accessories, dim-lit lamps, Mughal themed mirror-work and paintings add on the royal glory of the room; making the residents feel happy and pampered.


The flooring of these rooms too signify Islamic traditions with its geometrical pattern of stars and lozenges depicting art style of Islam as seen throughout historical architectures.


Parrot being the mascot of Fairmont Jaipur can be seen decorated and celebrated throughout the property. So much so, that a wooden Parrot can be seen sitting on a wall hanging right next to the bed. The traditional story behind this parrot states that Parrots use to be the messengers and gossip source for Kings, who use to inform the king about his kingdom’s happenings upon his absence. Parrots were also considered lucky, in ancient times.



Speaking about the bathroom decor of Fairmont Jaipur, I can vouch for no other hotel bathroom that can match the luxury factor of this property!



With a raised soaker tub capable of accommodating 2 adults, separate shower cubicle with a stone bench, a his & her set of vanity stations and dim lit arched walls and ceilings; taking a bubble bath in-room can’t get more luxurious than this!



It’s not just the architecture and decor of the rooms that Fairmont Jaipur guarantees a luxurious experience at, the property now also offers a ‘Royal Tiffin’ experience for diners who prefer intimate dining experience in the comfort of their rooms; rather than public dining spaces.


Recently launched ‘Royal Tiffin’ operates for both Lunch and Dinner and offers a set buffet menu consisting of North Indian and Continental meals. Upon confirmation, an intricately carved brass tiffin is delivered at your door step, accompanied with distressed gold cutlery.



The North Indian Style Royal Tiffin Lunch consists of condiments like Coriander Chutney, Mixed Pickle, Raita and Salad. Main course consists of a bowl full of steamed rice, 2 Lachcha Parathas, a portion of Dal Makhni and a generous bowl of Butter Chicken serving.


The entire meal is delivered searing hot and is more than sufficient for a single serving. While one might expect chef to expertise in the flavours of Rajasthan, I can definitely confirm that the staff excels in prepping up a Mughal/Punjabi cuisine with perfection as well. The Butter Chicken was creamy, full of flavours and had a generous flavour of charcoal smoke in it; while the Dal Makhni was traditionally cooked with the right consistency and mild flavours of the hours long preparation.


Overall, a great time accommodating at Fairmont Jaipur. I can proudly say that my 2 nights spent at Fairmont Jaipur was an absolute delight with a without-doubt luxury living experience!

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