This Place Serves The Best Mediterranean Food In Seattle!

September 19, 2016

Who says you got to survive on fish & chips or a burger trail in Seattle to be alive? When the Mediterranean sea winds gush through your hair and makes you crave for some Baba Ganoush & Pita Bread love affair, head on to Petra Bistro on the 4th Avenue. This place serves the best Mediterranean food in Seattle!


Photo Source : petrabistro

And that’s exactly what our globe trotter Akanksha Saxena did, on her vacay-mode with husband; in Seattle.



Petra Mediterranean Bistro at Downtown Seattle will take you on a food journey that stretches from Jordan and Lebanon, to Greece, to the Northern shores of Africa, with an extensive variety of authentic dishes and house specialities.


While visiting, Akanksha was transported back to the Middle East and enjoyed the enriching personal elements that tie this vast global area together, creating one of Seattle’s loveliest dining experiences.


To begin with, she ordered Baba Ganoush – The eggplant was perfectly grilled giving it a very nice smoky flavor. Garlic and lemon juice took it to another level and taste buds were definitely satisfied.


Hummus was a blend of chickpeas, garlic, sesame oil, salt and lemon juice. The preparation was pretty standard, not that great, as it was tad bit more tangy for her liking.


Tamer Hind (Mediterranean Drink)

Tamer Hind (Mediterranean Drink)

Next came the entrée which is generally served with a choice of soup or salad. She ordered the Red Lentil Soup which was the perfect marriage between pulses vegetables and spices. The soup was soothing and comforting and definitely helped in preparing the diners for an awesome main course experience.


The mains consisted of a Veggie Royale – Fried Cauliflower Served with charbroiled vegetables topped with sautéed garlic, onions and tomatoes in their original house Seafood spices. It was served over a bed of rice, topped with sautéed almonds, pine nuts and garlic sauce. Akanksha relished the bold secret spices, loved crispy cauliflowers over the fragrant rice and garlic sauce.


The next mains that they ordered was Taste of Africa – Tender chicken breast served with charbroiled vegetables topped with sautéed garlic, onions and tomatoes in Petra Bistro’s original house spices. This too was served over a bed of rice and was topped with a generous amount of garlic sauce.

Hands down, this dish was the star of the menu! The chicken was juicy ,tender and was massively prepared with a bag full of flavors. It had a perfect blend of African spices with minimal heat, yet had tantalising hints of spice.


The last thing that they ordered on the menu was Petra Spice Chicken Boneless chicken thighs marinated in Petra original house spices, served over a bed of rice and topped with house garlic sauce. This chicken dish had Jordanian spices in it , the flavor was very different from African style which made both the dishes stand apart. The Jordanian spices are suppose to be more strong with a rusty taste, which Petra delivered flawlessly.


Photo Source : petrabistro

Akanksha’s Favourites –  Taste of Africa is a must have, if you love garlic flavoured chicken. All in all a great place for Mediterranean food. Great middle eastern ambience with very sweet and friendly servers.

Ambience : 4/5
Food : 4/5
Service : 5/5
Value for Money : 4/5