Travel Diaries – BeBeautiful Workshop, Mumbai

October 29, 2013
Who said that ‘Great conversations start over great coffee’?? Hell no! Great conversations can start over anywhere, even when it’s 5a.m. outside the city airport. Well, atleast I wasn’t keeping any hopes on that. To give you a broader perspective, here is the summary….
While Delhi was buzzing over the recently concluded Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, amidst the crazy schedules, I got an invitation, which usually might piss anyone off. Reason? Well, the invite was for a workshop to be held in Mumbai, while I reside in Delhi. Like always, I had to politely decline the invite, stating my current location. To which, they replied, with an equally polite smile, that this trip will be fully sponsored. YAY! (Dil mai ladoo phoota? Yesss!)
As the days closed by, I learnt that few more bloggers will be flown down from Delhii, among which I got in touch with Ritu from The Indian Beauty , who introduced me to Deeptima from Beauty Unleash with Deeptima . I started my trip with anxiety and a hope that I will *meet* new people, only if I knew that much more is what I will get out of this mini trip. Let me take you through a ‘Picture Diary’, like I always do, to share the fun, friendship and love I felt in these two days.

The early morning flight plan.


 The google team member, happily addressing queries.

Bumpy from 120mediacollective team 

 120mediacollective team explaining the right videography skills.

 Hello! Video testing 1-2-3.

 The insights of a youtube channel.

 Ambika Anand

 Clint Fernandes

 The always cheerful Dolon from PoutPretty

 Our setup for an instant youtube shoot.

 Beauties at work.


Desserts for lunch, during Bebeautiful workshop.

 The dinner desserts.

 Diwali already?

 Cuteness eh?

Did I just own a Louis Vuitton myself? :p

Breakfast, the next day.

 Yeah, I eat desserts for breakfast too. :

 Some Korean chicken dish, which tasted yum!



 The local

 Marine Drive

Posing, irrespective of the perspiration .

 The vintage beauties of South Mumbai (Colaba)

 The Taj!

The Gateway of India



Expressing in words is crucial, but all I have to say is…. that weekend was one hell of a roller coaster adventure. LOVED IT!