TRIANGLES all around me!!

December 13, 2011
I am so sorry that there has been a delay in my Sunday Surprise post…my illness is keeping me low for a while.But from sadness apart, here is a little treat for you all πŸ˜‰
Their are plenty of shapes and patterns we come across in almost anything and everything.This Sunday Surprise I thought of “GOING BACK TO BASICS AND EDGY” and by edgy….I really mean edgy!!
So this Sunday Surprise THEME IS : TRIANGLES

I have created a graphical look for the same below : 

It took me a lot of time to put these pieces in together, sorry for amateur presentation, but this is the best I could create with my Migraine attack on πŸ™

Well, I took up a Salvatore Ferragamo’s collection look and transformed the blazer into an EDGY TRIANGLE TREAT!
Since nowdays the trend for Neon Shades is on, I added a very bright palette.Because I never present just one piece of item, I collaborated the look with 4 edgier items πŸ˜‰

1. Triangle Leather Necklace by LEIF

This neckpiece is really very edgy, simple to make *might do a DIY* and will go perfectly well with my custom made blazer πŸ™‚
Since they have loads of neon colors to choose from, you can go for your favorite of all, or the better…blend few triangles into one chain πŸ˜‰

2.Custom made Triangle Gold Earring

This is a trial by me, a sober gold triangle earring, which will cover your ear fully, the top edge will have a hook which will go behind your ear to give support, and the 2nd support will come on the earlobe for normal   screw attachment.

3.Pebble Golden Metal Interlocking Triangle Bangles by Brand Alley
These interlocking bangles are EDGY and CHIC! Since there is too much color going on the look, minimal gold accessory is the perfect way of gearing up with an accessory.

4.Custom made Triangle Pumps by me
My favourite of the lot…. my very own custom made PUMPS…they are Edgy, they are Triangles, they are Bright Colors and they are totally amazing *as per me* ^_^

So, here it is…my this Sunday’s Surprise Theme : TRIANGLES

Would love to hear from all the fashionistas what they have to say about my creation.Till the next post and the BIG SURPRISE πŸ˜‰