U Spa – The Umrao Luxury Hotel Experience

January 11, 2017

We recently shared our love for The Umrao Luxury Hotel by sharing a glimpse of this luxurious property on the busy NH8 zone. Now, we talk about its unwinding facility known as U Spa!

Just like any other luxury hospitality group, The Umrao too has a corner on the property for guests and members to relax by the pool, get some fitness training at their fitness centre and take beautifying or rejuvenating treatments at U Spa.


U Spa in itself is a detailed spa facility which offers therapies like Head Massage, Classical Swedish Massage, Foot Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage and Aromatherapy. Our team took the Deep Tissue Massage and the Foot Reflexology Massage and both turned out to be equally relaxing.


The massage rooms are super spacious with a tea lounge, if you’d like to pamper yourself before or after the therapy. The light setting is calm, the fragrance soothing and the music relaxing to setup the mood right.


Both the Deep Tissue Massage and Foot Reflexology lasted an hour with dedicated massage therapists making sure your nerves are soothed and muscles relaxed to perfection.


The staff, although limited, knows through and through of therapies, guiding the customers through Spa protocols, maintains a hygienic environment and puts utmost care in maintaining your privacy.


Once you are done with the therapy, you can take a pampering bubble bath at their super spacious and relaxing bathtub setup. If you have time constraints or would prefer to sweat naturally, then U Spa also offers fully functional Sauna and Steam rooms.


U Spa connects with a fitness centre, wherein residences and members can take up cardio and strength training under the surveillance of expert fitness trainers.


In case you’d like to be a regular member of the fitness centre, then they do offer membership packages as well! For that, you can check out their WEBSITE. What’s interesting about the fitness centre is that it’s pool facing, which makes the entire workout experience more luxurious and lively.

And like I just mentioned, U Spa & The Fitness Centre are located right behind the massive Swimming Pool with swimming instructors and lifeguards available round the clock. The swimming pool is open to residence and members from 0700 HRS  to 1900 HRS in winters and 0700 HRS to 2100 HRS in summers.

Watermelon Piña colada

Watermelon Piña colada

Post a spa or fitness session, you really need some liquid diet to curb the hunger pangs. Thyme offers an array of teas, fresh juices, mocktails and cocktails to suit your taste pallet. All that you’ve got to do is share your flavour liking to the bartender and he’ll suggest you some great mocktail and cocktail mixes that I guaranty will blow your mind off.

Refreshing Paan Mojito

Refreshing Paan Mojito

The next time you are in the NCR or NH8 or even have some time to kill around Indira Gandhi International Airport, visit The Umrao and take up a relaxing therapy at U Spa for a luxurious rejuvenation experience. You can find more details about the Spa and other facilities on http://www.theumrao.com/.