Awadhi Living with the Hilton Garden Inn, Lucknow!

June 14, 2019

If you are someone who is looking to spend some quality time with yourself in the city of Nawabs and Kebabs, aka Lucknow, then the one place I would love to recommend is the Hilton Garden Inn without a second thought. Situated in Gomti Nagar, the Hilton Garden Inn though is amidst quite a populous area, it still feels like you have set foot in the most serene of places the moment you enter the premises.   This was my very first visit to the brilliant city of Nawabs and Kebabs, and I am so glad that I got to experience this city with none other than Hilton itself. Apart from the obvious charm that this beautiful city holds, the main aim that drove me to visit the wonderful town was because I was extremely keen on trying out Awadhi Cuisine, that is native to Lucknow! The welcome that I received at Hilton was truly something that I would remember by all through without a doubt. The amazing Awadhi culture just shone through the whole aura of the hotel as soon as I entered the hotel, and that was one of the many things that stood out to me when I was here. The hotel itself boasts of a 24-hour business centre, a fitness centre and a full-service restaurant whose food is absolutely to die for. Apart from this, it also has a 24-hour pantry market in case you forget to pack your toothbrush or the likes, an on-site convenience store, and of course the amazing quintessential pool! Now who would not want to keep coming back here again and again? The best part about this visit, however, was not the fact that I was finally able to visit a city that I had always dreamt of visiting for a …

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4 Types of Summer Dresses that you Ought to own this season

May 14, 2019

No one can argue with the fact that dresses might just be the most versatile clothing item that was ever invented. Am I wrong when I say that? No right? Well, the best thing about adorning a dress is that you literally require the minimal amount of pairing issues, unlike those in wearing jeans or even skirts for that matter. Just slap on that favourite dress of yours and pair with a shoe and carry a handbag if necessary and you are done! Summers might just be the best season to flaunt that dress of yours and the great thing about this is that there is a ton of variety that we girls can choose from! Let’s get on with it now, shall we? The Flowing Maxi: Source: bigcommerce Now, who does not like those amazing breezy maxi dresses in the hot summer season? Well, I for one, sure do! The flowing maxi is definitely my go-to type of dress when I am looking forward to spending the day outdoors in the heat. Not only does the flowing maxi allow me to move around and lending me a really filmy vibe, the dress in itself is super comfy without a doubt. When picking out a flowing maxi for yourself during the summers, go for a material like cotton or chiffon. These are lightweight fabrics that look gorgeous on everyone! The best part? The flowing maxi is versatile and can be worn for a date, evening out with the girlfriends or even for a simple family get together. The Midi: Source: lulus                    For all you girls who are not too comfy with waltzing around in the flowing maxi, the next best thing that you can flaunt is the simple and timeless midi. With different cuts and available in different fits too, …

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Must Have Fusion Wear This Holi

March 18, 2019

The festival of colours is merely a few days away and I am absolutely ecstatic, not only because Holi happens to be one of my favourite festivals, but it also marks the end of the wintery feels and welcomes to wonders that spring brings with it. I cannot think of a more better festival to complement the chirpiness and the colourful atmosphere during this season, and to add to the festivities, why not be our quirkiest best? Here are a few fusion-wear pieces that you really ought to have in your wardrobe this time around! The Long Skirt: Source: pinimg        The long skirt can never go out of trend come what may! Be it a beautifully western skirt with a  wonderful silhouette, or a brilliantly embellished skirt with an amazing flare, there is literally no comparison of the grace that a long skirt lends to the wearer. During the festival of Holi however, ditch the silhouetted long western skirt, and opt for the solid coloured skirt with the zari border or even an embellished skirt. The best part about such a skirt is that you can pair it with any kind of ethnic top-wear like a kurti or a long kurta with slits on the side. Super comfy and easy to move around in, skirts are perfect for this beautiful festival. Jacket It Up: Source: ytimg It goes without saying that if we are talking about the festival of colours, one or two of the said colours, in some way or the other, will make their way on your outfit! If you are someone who is conscious about the visibility of these colours, then a jacket is your best, and most stylish bet, without a doubt! The combination of a long kurta with a long ethnic jacket can be a …

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5 Print trends of 2019 to add to your wardrobe

March 11, 2019

Who does not love printed fabrics after all, because as much as I love solid colours, prints are my bae without a doubt? The fun that comes with pairing different prints and patterns together with other patterns or even solid colours is something that I cannot compare to! So here you go! This is my list of the top 5 print trends of 2019 that you need to add to your wardrobe for sure. Tie and Dye Source: fashionista Talk about boho-chicness and the first thing that comes to my mind is tie and dye, without a doubt. Tie and dyes will take you back to the amazing era of the 60s in a second, and that combined with a few modern twists make for amazing results. The best part? One can easily wear tie and dyes in both bright and pastel colours and never go wrong with it! From tie and dye tees all the way to dresses, or even those amazing rainbow tie and dyed jackets, this is one amazing print to include in your wardrobe for sure. Paisley Source: cloudfront Wanderlust calling you? Well then, paisleys should definitely be an addition to your wardrobe this year! Usually associated with beautiful and exotic locales, the basic and very first paisley print comes from Persian artwork. Paisley prints work great with literally anything and everything. Be it on jackets and trousers, or even swimsuits and dresses, there is nothing that paisley does not look good on. Trust me when I tell you that paisley will be a brilliant way to add colour and beautiful patterns to your 2019 wardrobe. Checks Source: SkinnyHipster Checks are classic, to say the least, and they might go in and out of fashion, but there will never come a time when checks will not …

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VIVO IPL Limited Edition V5PLUS Smartphone

April 17, 2017

Yes! You heard that right. The global smartphone brand VIVO being the title sponsor of ongoing T20 IPL Cricket League have partnered with India’s leading e-commerce website Flipkart, to launch V5Plus Limited Edition smartphone, in celebration of IPL’s 10th anniversary. The catch? This smartphone comes with VIVOIPL logo engraved at the back with matte black finish and the most futuristic specification features. The limited edition V5Plus handset is priced at Rs.25,990/- and is available for purchase on Flipkart, till stocks last. The initiative has been taken by Vivo India to offer Indian cricket fans a chance to possess a souvenir of the Indian Premier League. Talking about his excitement on this partnership, Mr. Vivek Zhang, CMO of Vivo India said, “We are pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Flipkart to offer limited edition Vivo V5Plus smartphone. With this partnership, we aim to use the exclusive online market. Today, one cannot ignore the power of online medium and through this association we want to give a chance and comfort to consumers across both mediums to own this exclusive product. The idea behind the launch of limited edition phone was to offer our consumers with not just the phone but an experience they can cherish for a life time. We have given strictest attention to the design and feel of the phone and our focus is to offer an exclusive experience to the cricket crazy audience. We are hopeful that the limited edition V5Plus phones will draw huge attention from the audience.” Sharing the zeal of Mr. Vivek from Vivo India, Mr. Ajay Yadav, Head – Mobiles, Flipkart expressed “Flipkart is delighted to partner with Vivo in celebrating the 10 glorious years of IPL in India. Over the last decade, Flipkart has emerged as the market leader in smartphone sales, offering …

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Mosaic Mussoorie Hotel Review

April 5, 2017

As a child, I have visited Mussoorie plenty of times with just the goal of taking a dip at ‘Kempty Falls’. That’s exactly the kind of picture one has about Mussoorie, when in reality, this hill station has much more to offer. Not to forget, this is where Ruskin Bond lives! But it’s a different story to tell (Which I will in my upcoming write-up) so let’s focus on the agenda of my recent visit to Mussoorie or as people call it ‘The Queen Of The Hills’. This Uttarakhand summer capital has been seeded, manicured and preserved since British Era and still embarks the glory of heritage and the history dusted off over time. And amidst this glory stands tall and high Mosaic Mussoorie, the freshest property in town. A stay at Mosaic Mussoorie is nothing less than getting the best out of what Mussoorie has to offer. Great views, best location, beautifully decorated interiors, warm hospitality, cosy accommodation and lip-smacking multi-cuisine delicacies. Probably the reason why I saw it fully booked even when the season is almost at the closing as the weather becomes hotter by the day. THE LOCATION If you are looking at getting the most picturesque views of the Doon valley, with great mobility to all sides of the town and a walk away to the busy lanes of the ‘mall road’ then Mosaic Mussoorie is the destination for you. What really caught my attention was the fact that having been a new property, Mosaic has definitely scored the best location one can acquire in today’s time at such a popular hill station spot. THE ARCHITECTURE Quite contemporary, quite spacious and definitely has a great usage of sunshine and great views put to use in the best possible manner. The famous logo of Mosaic can be seen from …

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Make Up Ready With NEW Faces Cosmetics

February 23, 2017

Faces Cosmetics collection that I have been swearing by since the last 3 years now. Their products are insanely pigmented, the colour palette apt for all Indian skin types and the long lasting coverage is absolutely remarkable. Note that no one is paying me to vouch by a certain brand, but this is something I have personally tried and claim for. Speaking about Faces Cosmetics, they recently invited us beauty enthusiasts of Delhi to celebrate Valentine’s Day with boyfriends BEST FRIENDS! So not only did we try out their latest range of lippies, Concealer and other palettes; but also got a chance to catch up with our best friends in a hub of make up and pretty pink cupcakes. Faces Cosmetics often come up with a range of Lip Crayons adding a few more shades to this hot-selling product every year. And this time, they have added an array in hues of browns, red and neutrals. My personal favourite has to be the ‘Not So Wine’ shade that goes perfectly well with most of my outfits and occasions. With contrast to the exhausting range of Lip Crayons, Faces Cosmetics has also come up with a swift range of Matte Nail Paints that do result in matte finish, indeed! The Ultime Pro Nail Lacquer lasts for 3-4 days before chipping and does provide a quite gloss-free appeal to it. My favourite shade has to be this dark purple shade called ‘Matte Majestic #17’. Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner is a highly pigmented black eyeliner which offers smooth application and a quite dark ebony look post application. I have tried it twice till now and haven’t faced any kind of smudge of withering, over wearing it for a period of 8 hours straight. The Ultime Pro Eye Shadow Palette in ‘Rose’ hue is …

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Reason why Fairmont Jaipur is The King Of Royal Luxury!

January 19, 2017

Rajasthan’s Hospitality is all about extravaganza and royalty. I can go on and on talking about why I am in absolute awe of this property, but it speaks for itself at great lengths anyway. The architecture has been inspired by the Royal Rajputs and Mughal Dynasty. Each part of the decor has a story to tell and the addition of carefully curated artefacts enhances the realism of Fairmont Jaipur. Just like any other Fairmont property all across the globe, it too has closely worked with the traditions of Rajasthan and what royal lifestyle was all about, centuries back. And to speak about the artistic beauty of this hotel, it will be unfair if I try to just put it in words. As they say that a picture speaks a thousand words, scroll down as I have handpicked 20 odd photographs from a bulk of 2GB data, to summarise what a beautiful architectural marvel Fairmont is all about. You can also check out the Accommodation Review to learn more about their services.   Learn more about this enchanting property and a book a stay for a luxurious experience  http://www.fairmont.com/jaipur/

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December 22, 2016

As the years tick by, trends change. People change, tastes change, attitudes change including styles and designs.  New becomes old and old becomes new again. While it may be true that diamonds are worn on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and engagement but there is also a shift in women’s choices of styling themselves. Fine diamond ornaments are now being worn by women all the time. Delicate diamond jewellery adds a touch of class and sophistication to your personality and makes you stand out from the rest. For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. This might have rooted from the Greek’s belief that Cupid, the god of desire, affection and erotic love, has diamond tipped arrows which have magic to draw hearts together or to inspire romantic love. And that’s exactly why, diamonds will continue to capture our imagination and enchant us with their brilliant sparkle. Hazoorilal Legacy houses an array of designs and collection of rings and pendants as well as latest necklace designs, earrings and gemstones. Diamonds are a classic gift and everyone’s best friend. Gifting diamonds may not be right for all occasions but they are for most. Here are times when diamonds are the perfect gift. ENGAGEMENT Engagements are one of the best occasions to gift a diamond as a symbol of eternal devotion. When visiting Hazoorilal Legacy store, you will see the many diamond shapes and cuts that are available as well as tons of ring styles. You will see all sorts of designs and arrangements that will catch any eye when your future bride proudly wears her new ring. Is your future bride more subtle than flashy? No worries. Here are some gorgeous rings from the house of Hazoorilal Legacy to get some ideas flowing. …

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Himalaya Herbals Winter Care Range Review

December 21, 2016

Winter Skincare is definitely a challenge, especially when you reside in dry regions like Delhi where your skin tends to dry out and chap with just one breeze. Himalaya Herbals believes in the power of deep nourishment be it for any season. And to celebrate this cold season, the brand sent across a hamper of Winter Care Range my way. I definitely feel pampered and spoilt for choice. It’s been approximately 2 weeks since I have started using Himalaya Herbals Winter Care Range and I have absolutely no complaints till now! To begin with, Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Lotions range is a must have product in your winter care kit. Depending on the severity of the dryness, Himalaya Herbals offers 3 varieties of Body Lotions for the winter season. For those who care about the aromatherapy benefits of lotion application, Himalaya Herbals Soothing Body Lotion is the product. It consists of Grape Seed and Almond Oil to provide moisturisation and leaves a mild soothing fragrance that lingers on for an hour or so. If someone is looking for pure nourishment, then Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Body Lotion is the go to product. With the goodness of Aloe Vera Gel and Winter Cherry, this one is apt for people suffering from mild dryness. And for people belonging to dry regions and are in need of some sever moisturisation treatment, then Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body is the product to swear by. I have used Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion last year as well and it surely stands out for its chocolatey fragrance and the moisturising goodness upon application. The price tag is quite pocket friendly and the lotions are a great option for daily usage in comparison to the thick body butters that cost a bomb and their utility is limited and greasy …

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