Valentines Day Treats To Herself

February 9, 2016

The first half of February every year, is all about feeling loved or giving your unconditional love expressions to the one who matters. Social Network goes berserk with couples posting their most mushy mushy memories together, while singles cribbing about the love flood and debating about their #foreveralone lifestyle. But why is it that only the couples get to take the sweet cake away, leaving singles feeling love-less and low on esteem?

This post is not dedicated to those who are celebrating the V-Day with their partners, but rather focuses on giving fabulous options to the singletons on how to rock the occasion with some self pampering parade.

1. Spa Goals

Be it the tedious working hours that have kept you away from the dating scene, or the long overdue salon trip that needs to be checked off the list, go ahead and indulge in some therapeutic pampering at your nearest spa centres. Trust me, nothing is more orgasmic than soaking in a hot jacuzzi, sipping some Japanese tea and getting your facial done by a professional.

Tattva Spa in Delhi offers an array of spa rituals that one can choose from. Also, they have this kickass home service, if you don’t want to get out of your house for a spa service. Their professionals drop by your house, with all the required equipments and provide the exact spa experience that you can experience at their official centres. Check out

2. Pack A Gift

Who doesn’t like unwrapping a gift, eh? Walk up to your favourite cosmetics counter, buy the out-of-budget EDT and some other skin care products, get them all wrapped and take several selfies expressing your happiness; while you’re at it. Nothing bigger than showing your love for self.

I recommend Faces Canada for their amazing colour palette that suits every Indian skin tone. Not to forget their current hot seller Midnight Rose Lip Crayon which has become a personal favourite of many a beauty bloggers.

3. Take A Solo Trip

Why should boys have all the fun? If you like driving, then take a weekend gateaway trip for one, soak in the glory of your nearest touristy destination and have a gala time. Go sightseeing, order room service or simply gorge on some local cuisines to soak in the spring sun’s warmth. If driving is not your cup of tea, then a quick Shatabdi ride or even an airway can come in handy.

If you are in Delhi, then hit the Delhi-Jaipur highway and book your stay at the magnificent Fairmont Jaipur Resort. Feel royal as their hospitality treats you with a glass of sparkling champagne and some inhouse Rajasthani delicacies. Read a detailed review of my personal experience during my stay at Fairmont Jaipur.

4. Try A Cuisine

If taking a trip doesn’t come in handy, then go ahead and check out a newly opened/reviewed restaurant in your city. Try out a new cuisine or treat yourself to your favourite three course meal. Gulp it down with a glass of your favourite cocktail and soak in the positive vibes, because #YOLO!

Mosaic Hotels Noida is currently celebrating Thai promotions throughout this week, so if you have a liking for coconut based curries and oriental masalas, then do give this one a try. A complete review of the menu has been featured on Flluid Restaurant, Noida.

5. Movie Marathon

Invite your single girlies over, or line up the movies of your Hollywood/Bollywood crush to watch over an array of Pizza breaks and beer chugs. If you feel like avoiding all love dipped movies, then treat yourself to a back-to-back seasons relay of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Go, girl power!

So how are YOU planning to spend this day of love and everything pretty, single lady?