Valentines Day Treats To Himself

February 11, 2016

Articles getting churned out this week gotta be all about love. And by love I mean the mushy mushy couple love, because it is the time of the Valentine! But my agenda is slightly different from the general norm. I am celebrating, and giving reasons to celebrate, this week of love with not a partner; but yourself! Having already covered ‘Valentines Day Treats To Herself‘ in my previous feature, this one is dedicated to all the handsome dudes who have befriended solitude as their current hotness.

Feel loved, lover boy!

1. Hit The Road

Prolly something that every guy dreams of doing 24/7, is taking their automobile out for a drive. Either hit the highway to your nearest destination, or simply map out the country side for some sightseeing. Take it up with your group of friends, or go solo with your music list in check. Breathe in some fresh air and remember, YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE!

2. Attend A City Gig

And do some ‘air head bangin’ moves while you’re at it. For the love of music and some alcohol on the side, google up the hot n’ happenin gigs this week in your city and book yourself an exclusive reservation. While committed men will be sipping soup over a romantic candlelit dinner, you’ll be letting yourself lose over some soul music and a bowl of cheese dripping nachos.

3. Get a Tattoo!

Not the ones wherein your express the depressing solitude, or speaks about the memoirs of your ex’s history; but the ones that define your personality. Get inspired from Adam Levine or go David Beckham all the way, but get an ink to celebrate life! Note: You can try one of those temporary designs in case a tattoo still seems doubtful to you. This way you will realise if you can live with a tattoo for the rest of your life, or not.

4. Bro-Code Wingman

Let’s bring in Mr.Barney Stinson in the picture, shall we? Just gather your single homies, hit a bar and go bird hunting. Pretty sure you’ll find a worthy single women, drinking to her glory of solitude, waiting for her prince charming. Ask your single homies to be your wingman or simply help yourself to start up a conversation with the lovely lady. A lot can happen over a mug of beer!

5. Shop Your Mojo

Anything and everything that brings about your mojo needs to be added on to your list of already-have’s. Buy a shiny new watch, a pair of patent shoes or re-arrange your wardrobe with the new Summer Spring collection. Break the stereotype ‘shopping is only therapeutic for women’ and shop your heart out. Oh! Don’t forget to munch on a slice (or two) of Sbarro pizza, while you’re at it!

How do YOU plan on celebrating life this V-day, eh?