Victoria’s Secret VERY SEXY NOW Fragrance

January 27, 2017

A Brume Parfumée by Victoria’s Secret That Reminds You of The Beach. Literally!

 As the title quite suffices what this article reviews, I indeed am talking about an iconic Fragrance range introduced by the Perfume leader, Victoria’s Secret in 2016, which is everything the beach experience is all about.

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Now Range which is available in both EDT and Fragrance Mist consistency is a mix of sand, coconut, fruits and florals. Everything that transforms beach into a romantic rendezvous with mother nature. So for those who miss beach-vibes or cannot get over their scores of Piña Coladas, then this fragrance range is for you!

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Now_4

Call it a part of my ‘Thailand Haul’, having limited scope of spotting VC fragrances in the Indian market, I had to invest in at least 1 body mist to curb my fetish of collecting perfumes. I already own three mists from Victoria’s Secret traditional ranges and this one adds on as a more eclectic perfume with an ode to a natural entity.

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Now_1

 Speaking about the perfume, following are the basic details to make you understand what Very Sexy Now is all about :

 Launch Year – 2016

Top Notes – Coconut Nectar and Fruits

Middle note – Pink Lotus

Base Notes – White Musk, Sand and Vanilla

 The strong essence of Coconut in this concoction reminds you of beach getaways, is quite summery and I can say a very romantic fragrance (#ValentinesDay2017) at that. The longevity of the fragrance on body is approximately 8-10 hours, while it lingers on the clothing for a good 3-4 days.

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Now_2

Bought this from Pattaya for around 550 Baht which is equivalent to Rs.1,100/- in the Indian market. I think the price is value for money since these fragrance mists last at least 2-3 years for me, upon occasional usage.

 If you wish to buy it, it’s available on or you can order it from any international cosmetics website which offers free worldwide shipping too!

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Now_5

 Have you tried the fragrance, yet?