May 23, 2012
After having a successful store cover of TOMMY HILFIGER, and receiving such a great response, I was so excited to go on and cover another amazing store for you. (Well I hope the coverage grows with time ^_^)
So this time I got the opportunity to cover FRENCH CONNECTION store in Saket.

The moment I was inside the store, I could feel the cooling effect of the color palette, the texture and the designs, specially crafted for hot Delhi Summers.
First I checked out the MEN’S SECTION!
They have a good color palette to offer when it comes to Polo Shirts. The texture was perfect for summer dress ups. 
Well if you are a serious kind of a person, who stays in the office more than casual hang outs, then fret not.Because FCUK has a great formal “summer special” collection for you businessmen out there. You get variety of sleeves to choose from, along with some sober patterns especially for formal look.
But if you have a date and want a semi formal look, they have great shirts + tees combination teamed with cool half pants. Ultra fashionable and comfortable are the words to describe this collection. You can experiment by adding belts, scarves and sunglasses.
And when I focused on the WOMEN’S SECTION, I was just so happy to see the “TANGERINE FEVER” taking toll on FCUK as well. There were different types of tangerine tops, dresses and even blouses.

There was a wide variety of formal, semi formal and casual collection to choose from.The best part being, the majority of the collection was in cool colors, with a very small percentage focusing on the warm colors.In casual tees I could find great variety of nautical patterns.

There were variety of dresses in the collection as well. From Summer Cotton dresses, to basic cotton + lycra mix dresses. What I loved the most about the simplicity was that we could turn these dresses into any type of dress we want. Convert a basic into a cocktail party dress, or mix match it to create a late brunch dress. P.s. I have some surprise for you. Scroll Down 😉

For those who love to go swimming in summers, well FCUK has great “colorful” collection of swimwear as well. I just could not get over the amount of colors being infused in those little swimwear.

There is an amazing collection of clutches, bags and belts as well. I was simply drooling over the satchel bags and the newest member in the collection, a silver studded clutch <3 <3

And now comes the fun part ^_^
I combined a semi formal men’s shirt along with a crisp white half trouser. Added a colorful British pattern belt and hot sunglasses to complete the look. This look can be worn on a day outing with friends, a hot afternoon date and even pool side parties / concerts.

I chose a simple cotton peach dress. I added dash of tangerine to it in the form of a velvet belt, and ended the look with a wooden (to-die-for) clutch!! Must tell you I was drooling over this clutch!

Next in the line was “my favorite” COCKTAIL PARTY OUTFIT!
This look is something I would love to add to my wardrobe someday. The moment I entered the women’s section my eyes caught this fabulous crisp white crochet dress. It was to fall in love with. You can do so much experiment with this dress. Add few colors and convert it into a semi-formal dress. Or combine some bling and convert it into a cocktail party dress, like I did!! 😉
I combined the dress with the new edition Silver Studded clutch, black pumps and white sunglasses. This look is not only glamorous but sexy too!!

And last but not the least, I tried to break the monochrome trail.And I created
This outfit was more of a fun look. I took a basic monochrome dress, added hues of orange and yellow to it in forms of velvet belts, and VOILA!! I added this cute tangerine satchel bag to complete the outfit. This satchel bag also stole my heart! <3
This look is fun, colorful, playful and cheerful!

So this was my fun filled visit to the FRENCH CONNECTION STORE. I had a gala time checking out their store.

Thanks to Ms. Rohini for giving me an opportunity to check out this fabulous store.
And thanks for the staff of the store, for being so humble and helpful. 😀

French Connection, Saket team : Mr. Deepak (The Manager) , Arjun, Ankur, Diwas and Manish

My personal Feed Back : 
Collection : Is summer friendly.Cool colors gives you a fresh feel.
Colors and Patterns : Perfect for Summer/Spring Wear, 100% cotton.
Texture and Fit : Variety of texture available, but all summer friendly.
Value for Money : Basics are of great value. I will give 8 out of 10
Will I ever be going back to buy more stuff? : Sure!! The White Crochet Dress and those bags are calling me back. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked checking out the store.
Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know what YOU have to say about the collection 😀