Visit to TOMMY HILFIGER, Connaught Place!

May 11, 2012
Yesterday when I woke up, I had a huge smile on my face, because I was going to check out the fabulous collection of TOMMY HILFIGER, Connaught Place, Delhi.
Had heard pretty much about their Summer/Spring Collection, and recently got the privilege of visiting their store.Thanks to Glam Gang.
After hot Delhi travelling,  as I entered the premises, I just could not hold up my grin, as I had entered paradise of fine fabrics and make.
I was delighted to meet the store manager Ms. Jasmine. She is not just a great manager, but also a great companion to shop with.She helped me do some shopping as well.She showed me around the store.
The ground floor is all about Men!! 

From fabulous watches, to stunning Sunglasses, men’s section was really oozing FASHION FOR MEN!And I am sure men who have visited the store will surely agree with me. 😉
What really caught my eye was the full fledged rack(s) containing Polo Shirts in diverse colors. Felt like a rainbow in itself. *_* Gosh I am jealous they have so many color options to chose from!! P.s. Jasmine is so photogenic, I asked her to pose in every other photograph of mine. ^_^
For summer special, they have lots of check patterns in various color combinations. I also caught Tangerine Love in the collection. Jasmine also told me that they have added dash of PURPLE to their collection this time.And this collection is the Hot Favorite right now.

Enough of Men’s wear..phew!! Coming to the WOMEN’S WEAR I found great variety of Summer Special Pastel shades. Shades of baby pink, blue, yellow and red give cool, elegant and perfect Summer/Spring feel.
 On a matte level, they had Exquisite Emerald , Hues of Blue and Paper White color collection giving a Sailor’s Paradise. AHOY! Along with this look I also found Military patterns, Earthy Notes on shorts, trousers and even tees. STAND AT EASE LADIES!!

They also have amazing collection of Accessories like Belts and Bags!! The Belts are in variety of Textures, Colors and Patterns. I absolutely fell in love with the leopard print belt with sky blue inner skin <3 <3 The bags were also a delight to see.With the famous Tommy Hilfiger pattern, I loved the white bag collection with pink strips!

Thank you so much Jasmine for helping me check out the store, and letting me take photographs.
Thanks Neha ( the gorgeous in pink ) for holding up that smile and helping me look around the collection.

After checking every corner of the store (kidding) I finally did some shopping along with my sister. I chose a nice earthy tanned green dress, along with a uber TH pouch to go with. Along with this I fell in love with the military pattern shirt, and was absolutely sure to buy. I completed my look with tanned brown studded belt (from Guru Clothing) and Yellow Ballerinas (from Stilletos) for that extra dash of color.

And my sis took Tommy Hilfiger special patterned dress with an elegant fit and absolutely stunning neck cut.I teamed the dress with a nice thrifted Red belt, to give that extra crunch of color (which turned out to be TH’s red) and VOILA!!

Thanks to Ms. Minka Sikka for arranging up my Tommy Hilfiger Shopping Spree.

My personal Feed Back : 
Collection : Is absolutely gorgeous.Great variety to choose from.
Colors and Patterns : Perfect for Summer/Spring Wear
Texture and Fit : Loved it.As the silhouette compliments your figure pretty well.
Value for Money : For an international brand like TH? I will give 7.5 out of 10
Will I ever be going back to buy more stuff? : Definetly Yes! 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked checking out the store.
Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know what YOU have to say about the collection 😀