Vistara Airlines – My Travel Experience

March 2, 2016

Gone are the days when travelling by flight meant shelling out a big chunk of your hard earned money. With plenty of airlines and a complex network of flight schedules operating nationally, aircraft as a mode of travel has come down to a more pocket friendly option in the current times. I have been travelling all my life and still find myself being all excited about boarding a train or an airplane, every single time!

But one thing that has degraded over time is the food quality of the airlines. No matter how much you pay for your ticket, the food quality remains average with no scope of improvement whatsoever. Their have been times when I have picked up a slice of pizza or some sandwiches before boarding a flight, only to avoid the kind of tasteless food that they serve in-flight.

Now Vistara is comparatively a newer airline group that many of my travel friends haven’t experienced yet. So when I got my ticket from Mumbai – Delhi booked on this airline, I tried asking around my friends about their experience with it. Being a foodie and a blogger, I tend to ‘review’ almost everything. Well, you’ll be happy to know that this airline actually turned out to be a great experience for me and I absolutely wish to return again for some more of their hospitality.

Vistara Airlines Leg Space

First things first, they have ample leg space, which is a big concern for tall people like myself (I am 5’11) so this came in as a welcome sign indeed!

Vistara Airlines Hospitality

Now most of us are aware of the usual service of ‘regular water’ in cups in other airlines. Vistara maintained their niche of hospitality by welcoming everyone on board with some packed water bottles.

Vistara Airlines Dinner

With no hopes of getting a proper dinner, I was quite sorted with my dinner arrangements for the night. But then the air hostess asked about my preferred choice and handed over this box of surprises. The packaging was artsy and quite unique in its own way.

Vistara Airlines Food

The meal consisted of some Hyderabadi biryani, chicken curry, a branded bowl of curd, some pickle and a hearty portion of chocolate mousse on the side. Trust me when I say this, the food was served hot, it seemed fresh and tasted just divine! It felt like dining in a celebrated restaurant with the chef serving the preparations fresh out of the pots. Even the dessert was of a fine quality and the presentation was definitely spot on!

Vistara Airlines Dessert

My only wish is that they serve some extra portions of the meal, in case someone would like to help self with a second serving.

Vistara Airlines F&B

The meal concluded with a regular cup of hot coffee/tea. Boy! Was I happy, or was I happy?

Vistara In-flight magazine

Even their in-flight magazine turned out to be interesting as I ended up flipping through all the pages of it.


If I have my way, i’ll be more than happy to make most of trip plans with Vistara Airlines. This post is in no way sponsored by the airlines, but is an honest review of what I experienced. Such hospitality is what we expect in all of our domestic flights and I wish that such a day comes sooner.