VLCC Zodiac Facial – Review

December 21, 2017

India is a country where Astrological faith is taken quite seriously. And India is also a country which is always adapting various forms of beautifying self, be it naturally or scientifically. Amalgamating these two major elements and bringing together a concept, VLCC has anted up the beauty game manifolds.

VLCC Zodiac Facial5

Have you ever heard of VLCC Zodiac Facial? Well, it’s not just a term, but the procedure is indeed backed by an astrological concept which has been studied on for centuries. VLCC Zodia Facial is basically a facial procedure, which is performed using products designed based on one’s zodiac stone. Like I being an Arian was given a VLCC Zodiac Facial – Diamond, as my zodiac stone is diamond.

All the zodiacs are dominated by their individual signs, like – Fire, Earth, Air & Water. According to Ayurveda, when our skin cells are stimulated with the help of zodiac stones, this helps to increase skin cell turnover to speed up repair processes and help to reveal smooth and radiant skin.

VLCC Zodiac Facial2

The zodiac-based facials are infused with the ‘bhasm’ of the birthstones relevant to your sun sign. The activated ‘bhasm’ works on the skin to give it the much-needed energy boost and glow

The products used in Zodiac Facial (Cleanser/Serum/Pack) are charged with precious Gemstone and have an efficacy of the particular stone effect on an individual. While your sign can shed light on your life, it can also be useful when interpreting what ingredients to use on your skin. The birth stones that we have for you are:  Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal, Diamond, Peridot, Sapphire, Topaz, Turquoise, Garnet, and Amethyst.

VLCC Zodiac Facial4

My Experience : VLCC being an expert in making you feel pampered and taking their service protocols quite seriously don’t believe in just giving their customers a facial, but making sure that the mind and body is relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the process.

VLCC Zodiac Facial3

I was taken to a spa room, where I changed and lay down feeling rested, as the expert began the procedure by giving me a swift neck, shoulder, face and head massage. This was followed by cleaning of dirt and other pollutants from my face, using the Diamond Cleanser. For deep cleaning and removing of the dead skin cells, I was then given a facial scrub massage. The scrub was quite gentle on the face, and still managed to make my face feel clean and supple. This was followed by a massage cream, which was used to massage my facial skin as well as neck and shoulders. The massage cream was applied, regulating blood circulation and hydrating my skin which was losing its glow due to the Delhi winters.

VLCC Zodiac Facial1

Post cleaning of the face, I was given a Diamond Face Pack that stayed on for 15-20 minutes. While I rested and we waited for the pack to work up its magic, my attendant gave me a food massage, making me feel rested and rejuvenated. Upon cleaning of the face pack, I was given the last facial massage using Diamond Serum that left my skin feeling baby soft!

Will I recommend this: I would say, this is something everyone should experience for sure. And given the price tag and the amount of efforts that go into the facial procedure, I think it’s indeed a great steal deal!

The price of Zodiac facial is Rs 1099 only.

About VLCC Group

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