What type of Bollywood mother you have?

May 8, 2016

While everyone is busy posting Facebook updates with a photograph of them (being little or old) with their beloved mother, we thought of going overboard with the melodrama and give it a dash of Bollywood vibes. Now for those who’ve been following the Hindi Cinema saga for a really long time, this will come in as no surprise that the ‘Ma’ characters being played on the big screen are very much similar to our Desi Mother style! Their have been moments (while watching a Hindi flick) that we’ve felt a movie mother is an exact copy of our own dear mother. With shocking freaks of “Oh my god! My mom does just like that.” to the absolute nodding in agreement with “This is so true! She always scolds me like that.”; brown mothers are a true inspiration to the on-screen role playing mommas (Rosesh Sarabhai will agree).

Enough of the blabbering already, we present to you a list of iconic Bollywood mothers who (we are pretty sure) are a carbon copy of how your mother in real life is like. Scroll through and tell us which Bollywood Mother is closest to your own MATAJI!?

Durga Singh

The mom who stays awake waiting for you to come back,  even when you are busy partying till 4 AM in the wee hours. Keep calm because, Mere Karan Arjun Ayenge!

Nirmala Gupta

Hitler of a Mother (Movie Khoobsurat) : The mom who runs a mini army cant in the house itself. She loves Apple Kheer, believes in the power of discipline and doesn’t let you finish that last slice of Pizza because, KAYEDA!


The savoir mom, who covers up and cleans the mess you create. She doesn’t hesitate from fighting Papa bear if need be and always considers her laal as ‘Laakhon Mai Ek’.

Nandini Raichand

The melodramatic sanskaari mom, who believes in the power of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Not to forget her alienated attachment to you, as she always hears your call, even if you are sitting on planet Mars.

Mrs. Acharya

The typical Punjabi bebe who comes with a pre-­installed loudspeaker worthy speech volume. She is quick to conclude, considers spying on her children as her ‘dharam’ and doesn’t stay away from giving you a migraine with her ‘Maa Da Ladla’ rants. #PhootiKismat


The one who believes that getting married and having kids is the only reason why we are born on this planet. She doesn’t shy away from giving you a philosophical ‘sanskari’ lecture worth a few miles. You are scared to create blunders not due to the fear of getting the beat, but more about the verbal torture that your mother bestows upon you.

So which one of these is your dearest mother? Whomsoever she shall be, a mother’s unconditional love is all that we care and crave for in the end. And yes, she is always right!