October 1, 2011

Well usual fashion tips everyone gives, like wear scarf in different ways,or pull up some linen over some cloth and slosh it off with a belt or accessory.Well I believe in crazy stuff So my tip is also crazy… :p
We all go for what to wear,what to match,what to fusion and what to blend.Its all EYE MATCHING!! In other words,what appears cool to our eyes.Well I blend the sense of SMELLING into FASHION…..WHICH PERFUME/MIST TO “WEAR” WITH YOUR DRESS!! :p
I am providing 10 examples of the type of perfumes to go with the type of dress you are wearing.Different styles different perfumes/mist…
Because as the fact is….the smell reaches our senses wider than the eyes….Let what we smell intro to what we wear 😉
Its a crazy and wild tip but yeah…ITS MINE ^_^
1.SUN DRESS – This dress is something you will be wearing maximum time of the year….When we talk about SUN DRESS we talk about the open air,bright sun,open space,loads of fresh breeze passing by….And when we talk about SUN DRESS, we talk about something to do with SUMMERS too…so for this lot I have : 
                   Touch of Sun                                       Privet Bloom                              Fendi perfume
                    By Lacoste                                     By Hampion Sun                               By Fendi

2.FLOWER PRINTS : I don’t need to say much about this style….It just reminds you of flowers flowers and more flowers….Perfect dress to wear flowery fragrances 😉

                       Purrr                                          White Diamond                        Japanese Cherry Blossom
                By Katy Perry                                 By Elizabeth Taylor                              By Body Shop
3.Rough Flavour : As the term spells the magical vows, I am talking about the color RED!!To be more specific…the ROSE!!Now here we are not just talking about the “red” rose….but I have variety to it as well.
                      Forbidden Rose                                    Delicate Petals                                  Rose
                       By Avril Lavign                                 By Victoria’s Secret                             By Ferre
4.BRIGHT COLORS : Right now the trend speaks volume about almost everything.Blacks,reds and pastels are passe,now is the trend of electrified color combinations, neon and florescent. The brighter the better…To go with this trend too I  have the following :
              Garden Tea Tropical                                 Radiance                                   Essence de’ Orange
              By Elizabeth Arden                           By Britney Spears                                    By Cartier
5.DARK HOUR – “Dark” signifies burnt colors. I am not typically talking about gothic stream, but yes the dark wardrobe which everyone gets obsessed with in their teenage days.Black voodoo and all the dark spells…The perfect blend with dark perfume collection I have put up :
                         KK                                           Glow After Dark                                 Notorious
               By Kim Kardashian                            By Jennifer Lopez                           By Ralph Lauren
6.COCKTAIL PARTY : Yeah the party which everyone takes their best out to, in between champagnes,strawberry and cheeze. Where Ferragamo meets Yves Saint Lauren…When fashion meets a toast.For this occassion, something dark,addictive and notorious…Lets take a look :
                 Wonderstruck                                  Moon Sparkle                                        La Glow
                By Taylor Swift                                   By Escada                                    By Britney Spears
7.BOHEMIAN ATTIRE : Bohemian in other words “roots”….The earthy colours which give us the feel of wood, the mud,being close to rustic nature.Bohemian style is all about leathers, earthy and pastel colors and loads of chunky jewelry. To give with this I have collected typical earthy perfume collections :
                       RALPH                                          AUDACE                                  OBSESSION
                 By Ralph Lauren                                 By Rochas                                By Calvin Klein
8.RETRO STYLE : Is their anything to say about the “RETRO”…It can be best described as “CLASSIC” in other words.The flares,ribbons,pola dots and high waist pants.It cannot be combined with anything than the traditional perfume fragrances.The puffs,the dripper and the ITRA (Indian mughal form of perfume).
               Heat                                Puff Perfume                      Toilette spray                        Light Blue
         By Beyonce                            By PRADA                     By Salvador Dali                       By D&C
9. GLAMOROUS : This reminds me the song by Fergie “Glamorous” talking about her oh-so-glamorous life.Well It also reminds me of the red carpet of the OSCARS….all the fashion eyes glued as to what Angelina will wear, which fashion designer Jennifer Aniston is going to present, andHow this time Anna Hathway and Kate Winslet going to woo away the limelight? Do I need to say more? 😉
                Love and Glamour                                         J’adore                                           Glamour
                By Jennifer Lopez                                         By Dior                                         By Toujors
10.LOVE DATE : Is it valentines day already?Lol…We can celebrate it every other day.And I think this day comes in every girl’s life…The DATE!! And we often go bonkers planning which dress to wear,which hairdo to do,which accessories,nail paint and make up will go about it….The biggest problem..the bubble of questions…will he like this?will I look young in this?Hope I am not looking to loud or wannabe? But hey common we forget about how we smell?What if the date ends with a little cuddle up?Or just some close intimate moments?I think the best way to set up the “ROMANTIC MOOD” is by what I am about to show you…My last example of my tip list :
                          Intimately                               Love from New York                               Harajuku
                    By David Beckham                               By DKNY                                  By Gwen Stefani
So there I said it ^_^. Would love you guys’ feed back. With much love <3