December 20, 2011
A very very veryyyyyyy MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE LOVELY KALAPEEPS.A warm kudos to all.

So sorry for the delay (again) for the *late* SUNDAY SURPRISE….but not to worry I have one more surprise lined up πŸ˜‰

Well like I mentioned before that this SUNDAY SURPRISE has theme of Christmas….but to make it more cute and merrier I have created a mix theme of : CHRISTMAS + MINNIE MOUSE

Well since its christmas it’s got to be RED!!

To start with I have created a custom made Red Minnie Mouse Inspired Mini Dress with polka and red!!
Well I thought christmas is always “CUTE” but why we shouldn’t go with something “Ravishing” πŸ˜‰

So to team this up with, I just picked up one ornament which does not require any other collaboration :
St. Erasmus Necklace
Well he is the same guy who got famous when Michelle Obama wore his neck piece in a meet.
Isn’t that super cool? ^_^

Anyways to continue with the theme look….

I randomly searched the MINNIE HEADBAND
These are super cute already that I did not feel like re-touching them. πŸ˜€

Next since it is winter season, we ought to have stockings at least.And what better than having custom made Christmas special stockings?

These stockings are ultra cute and perfect to go for Christmas themes.I have added my custom snowflake designs. ^_^

And last but not the least…

I turned simple black boots into merry boots ^_^
I added colorful cotton balls to them.

And we have for you the perfect sizzling RED and radiant MINNIE CHRISTMAS THEME DRESS ^_*

Oh BTW….I have something “VERY STRONG” brewing up for all “INTERNATIONALLY” any guesses? ^_^