Za True White Cleansing Foam {Beauty Review}

July 2, 2014
Keeping the skin (face to be precise) cleansed and hydrated is a must for every girl. As much a tedious task it might look, the end results are long lasting. Take it this way – If you follow a cleansing-toning-moisturizing regime twice a day, your skin aging process will postpone for a good while. After trying out Za True White Day Cream for the moisturizing part, it’s time to look into the former part of the regime – Cleansing.
About Za True White Cleansing Foam : This whitening cleansing foam removes melanin contained excess surface skin cells and imparts moisturized translucent skin.
1. Cleansing granules roll gently over skin to remove excess surface skin cells and impurities around pores. – Vitamin C granules
2. Moisturizes skin and imparts smooth and translucent skin. – SPA Ingredients.
3. Removes light makeup.
Leaves the skin feeling refreshed. Imparts luminous, translucent and moisturized skin.
My Experience
Staying away from ‘fairness products’, I was quite impressed by the otherwise moisturizing features of Za True White Day Cream. So trying out their True White Cleansing Foam turned out to be an obvious thing. Can’t really vouch for the ‘translucent’ effect of this one, but a single application alone provides a clean and fresh looking skin. Apt for those with an oily skin, the foam definitely takes care of removing impurities (and makeup) as it claims to be.
Consistency of the foam.
Vitamin C granules that are not harsh on the skin.
Mild sweet fragrance.
Fresh and hydrated skin.
Easy to handle packaging.
Lasts for a good 5-6 hours.
Since I have a combination skin, my cheekbones did feel a mild stretch post application.
Still looking forward to experience the ‘translucent effect’. 8 applications so far.
Value for Money : 4.7/5
Quality : 4.5/5
Quantity : 4,5/5
Results : 4/5
Usage : 1 month approx. (daily application)
Will I continue using this?
Yes! Especially for the leftover summers and upcoming monsoon season.
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Disclaimer : I have not been paid or influenced to write the review. I receive the products for reviews but my thoughts are unbiased and true to my own knowledge & experience.