ZA True White Day Cream {Beauty}

May 16, 2014
We are all familiar with Shiseido, aren’t we? And when I heard that they are launching a special skin care line called ‘ZA’, I had to scribble down some beauty notes. Personally, I am not that big on beauty products. But skin care is something I am bound to obey and follow up.
When I was approached to review a ‘Whitening cream’, I felt repelled. I am one of those people who will never ever promote skin fairness products. But when I went through the press note, this product didn’t seem like a ‘fairness cream’ but more of a helping you get-rid-of-blemishes cream.
March-April-May is the crucial spring/summer time when your skin goes berserk trying to adjust with the crazy weather. Not to forget, that this year Delhi has received quite an amount of unusual rains. My skin being a combination type usually becomes hard to manage in such seasons. In desperation, I gave into trying a lot of products and surprisingly Za turned out to be the winner! 
My Experience
The consistency might seem thick, but when you apply the cream on your face it dissolves in no time and does not leave behind a sticky skin issue. The cream is quite light and can be the perfect summer moisturizer (might vary from skin to skin).
Dissolves into the skin with ease
Light on skin (even in harsh summers)
Reduces blemishes
Perfect moisturizer
SPF20-PA++ (A must in summers)
Broad jar for easy access
Mild fragrance
Stays on for 8-9 hours
Patience for at least a month to see the results. Blessing in disguise, but worth it!
Availability in India.
Value for Money : 3.5/5
Quality : 4.5/5
Quantity : 4/5
Results : 4/5
Usage : 2 months approx. (daily application)
Za is a cosmetic brand designed to support women who desire sophisticated beauty with confidence and 
vitality admired by everybody. Both Za skincare and makeup products require no special techniques to 
ensure easy use and simple skincare steps. However, they can improve your make up while making your skin look naturally beautiful. Za cosmetics allow you to shine your life style more beautifully. 
Za skincare enhances the skin’s self-revitalizing power to create naturally beautiful and healthy skin. 
Za makeup ensures upgraded natural makeup to make the skin look naturally beautiful.
Disclaimer : I have not been paid or influenced to write the review. I receive the products for reviews but my thoughts are unbiased and true to my own knowledge & experience.