Zotiqq Subscription Box Review (August)

August 23, 2015

Lately, I have been investing in a lot of jewellery. Mostly eyeing on what’s on discount, I’ve been wandering on e-commerce webbies and surfing through the fashion streets of Delhi. For some this might seem like an easy-peasy, but collecting the right accessories that will please your personal style and will be up with the current trends is a cray task. Not to forget the array of baubles collection we review on a long panel and get confused as what to try and what to buy.

Zotiqq doing everything *exotic* has ventured into easing out this dilemma for us. Not only are they pulling out best of their jewels to fit the monthly trends, but are also offering a subscription box which is loaded with jewels worth double the amount of what you are paying! Check out their entire range of subscription boxes, which have been designed to please the new-customers as well as their regular fans. – Zotiqq Subscription Box Link

If you remember, I introduced Zotiqq on my blog with a few details about what kind of jewellery they offer. If you haven’t, go check it out HERE.

This time around, I am featuring their ‘Fashionista Box’ which comes with a bonus voucher of Four Fountain Spa. Yay!


Fell in love with these chandelier earrings the moment I unwrapped my subs box. These are not only apt to brighten up even a simple black dress, but their light weight makes it more wearable for longer hours.


I am absolutely floored by the beauty of these and am loving wearing them for both regular parties and traditional gatherings.


This necklace is a pure pastel bliss. The subtle hues of pink all over makes it the perfect party-mood statement piece.


Wear it with a regular dress or tuck it in under your seamless blouse for a peek-a-boo statement show.


Keeping up with the colour palette of the subscription box, this stack of bracelets comes in as a fresh vibe to the otherwise shiny set of jewels.


The bohemian streak of this arm party makes it a perfect day wear as well as a night party wear. Stack em all together, or select the ones that pleases your current outfit.


Those of you who don’t like statement pieces, this one is for you! Pastel pretty and a classic, this will work abso well with your work wear shirt and skirt ootd. Fancy it up with your hair pulled into a top pony tail and let the necklace charm its way around!



I think this subscription box is a win win offer. The price tag is quite reasonable, the quality is spot on and the designs are versatile that will please the personal style of a 20 something to a 30 something as well. A big shout out to the team of Zotiqq.com for bringing this fab idea in India and making our jewels worry get solved, all thanks to their pandora boxes.


Now the fun part! Zotiqq.com team has collaborated with me to gift one of my readers a complete Fashionista Box. Yes, you heard it right. All you’ve got to do is login to your Instagram accounts (if you don’t have one, download and sign up as the app is really cool anyway. While you’re at it, don’t forget to connect with me on @insta_apurva) and follow this link – WIN ZOTIQQ SUBSCRIPTION BOX



Direct link to Zotiqq’s instagram account – https://instagram.com/zotiqq/

Direct link to Kalapalette’s instagram account – https://instagram.com/insta_Apurva/

If you wish to get more details about Zotiqq’s subscription box or check out their regular jewellery catalogue, then head on to www.zotiqq.com and indulge in some shopping therapy! 😉

Comment below and let me know if you have any queries related to the box, jewellery or even style tips; for that matter.

Photographs by Sahil Gupta